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Things missing from my car

Last night, I rushed home to meet up with ifuwereafrog for dinner, but when I went to my car to go pick her up, I noticed that the driver's side door was not fully closed. My initial thought was that I didn't close it properly when I last drove, but I realized that all my belongings in the car had been rifled through. Urgently needing to meet up with Erin (and having a dead battery from the dome-light), I locked up the car and decided to go over it today.

Around lunchtime today, I called up AAA to get a battery boost, and when they arrived, took a quick inventory of things that I should expect to find in my car, but are not in there:
  • A ziplock bag of quarters amounting to about ten dollars in the change cup
  • Other change in the driver's side hand-hold.
  • My portable air-compressor for use refilling tires when they go flat.
  • An emergency car kit including various tools and a set of jumper cables.
  • An FM Transmitter for portable music players (and included cable) which could also play mp3s off of USB drives.
  • A CD case full of CD-Rs burned with music.
  • Who knows what else?
Silver linings: The thieves didn't break a window or anything to get in, so no damage, and they didn't take the CDs located on the visor which include actual purchased-from-store CDs.

Still, getting burgled sucks the bag.
freakin' duck

As reported in the illustrious video game journal, Duh

Apparently two separate studies have found a correlation between racing video game play and increased risk-taking on meatspace roads.

Despite most gamers' insistence that gaming does not affect real-life behavior, anyone who's gotten on the road after playing Rush 2049 or Burnout knows the little, evil robot usses that pop onto the shoulder and insist on taking shortcuts or trying to get more boost by running your fellow commuters off the road.

Honestly, people...

Unless you live in a location where you have a greater-than-50% chance of your car getting stolen, obliviously leaving your car alarm on to bleat its whiny, incessant klaxon every few minutes is just a really, really great way of invoking the desire to inflict grievous bodily harm on your car from your neighbors.

And if you live in a gated community, then that grievous bodily harm should be directed upon you.

The Hell of Being Cut To Pieces

Sunday afternoon, I walked back to my car to find that pieces were missing. Three pieces of plastic compose the lower grill on the front of the Scion xB, and a brief discussion with my dealer told me that the two end pieces have a tendency to fall out. I had parked in a pay lot when meeting some friends in Decatur, close to two other xBs, so I suspect that someone who had their grill pieces fall out just decided to help themselves to mine. I hit the parts department yesterday and the replacements are cost me about 75 dollars.

And so I curse the thieves to the Hell of Being Cut To Pieces. Pigfuckers.

I came home last night to Iggy from Guinness and Poker putting on his very own showing of Animals Close-Up with a Wide Angle Lens. Super Cuute!

And, finally from cee_m, Collapse )

An observation

About two years ago, I had BMW send me the BMW Films on DVD--the series of short film/commercials starring Clive Owen as "The Driver," a sort of mercenary-behind-the-wheel-for-hire. The set includes shorts by Guy Ritchie, Wong Kar-Wai, John Frankenheimer, and John Woo, all about a different job for The Driver.

I mention this because it was in these films that I first saw the BMW Z4 Roadster. I've ridden in the earlier incarnation, and I always thought the styling of the Z3 left much to be desired. In my opinion the Z4 has a better look--more streamlined, less clumsy. So imagine some two years later that I finally see what's one of the neatest style choices on the Z4.

Pictured at the right, you can see the Z4's side marker. On just about every other car, the side marker is just a simple reflector lens, generally that safety yellow/orange color, stuck on the side of the car, blinking in unison with the turn signals. Most car manufacturers will try to make the side marker unobtrusive. The Z4, however, incorporates the side marker into the design of the car--surrounding the BMW emblem is a concave circle, and when the turn signal turns on, it backlights the emblem. Way cool.

So why did it take me two years to discover this? Why do all the "car people" I tell this to not already know about it? I guess average BMW drivers (in Atlanta, no less) tend to eschew the use of their turn signals...
freakin' duck

Dear driver of shitbag Jeep Cherokee:

After flipping me off not once, but twice some five hours ago after I had the audacity to honk at you for cutting me off, I'm still pissed off at you. If there's ever the off-chance that I run into your stupid slacker ass again, I do intend to beat the living shit out of you.

James, in need of an Anger Workbook.

The downside of being mildly obsessive-compulsive...

Right now, it feels like it's about 50 degrees outside, with a non-insignificant wind chill that always seems to hover around my place (granted, to someone who lives further north than Atlanta, this is nothing, but it's a little more than chilly for someone who grew up in Miami). Since I've been sick for the past four days with a hollowed-out throat, I've pretty much watched all the TiVo I can stand.

And now I really, really want to wash my car.