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February 2nd, 2004

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James, stop playing low-limit poker against players who just learned how to play watching the Celebrity Poker Showdown.

This weekend, I saw the worst cards ever win pots. 9-2 offsuit, 10-3 offsuit after a big raise pre-flop, 7-2 taking a pot from pocket aces with two pair.

And Happy Birthday, tiiguy--I have your copy of Super-System that you left in Runa's car.

Here's a veritable gem found on some internet documentation for a project we're doing: "Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), like all Public Key Incruption (PKI)..."

Well, it's time for me to save some money for the next few weeks...

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aviationwolf::2004.02.02.01:12 pm
This is exactly why I don't play cards....I just don't get it... I mean how can they be the worst cards ever if they won pots? You poker players are too confusing....
thepeopleseason::2004.02.02.01:31 pm
[User Picture]Statistically, 7-2 offsuit will win the pot in 4.04% of the hands dealt. 9-2 is only slightly better, with 4.47%. 10-3 will take a pot in 4.95% of the hands.

Over time, people who play 7-2 offsuit everytime they get it will lose over 95.96% of those hands. What that suggests is that smart people should fold that hand when they get it rather than pay two dollars to see the flop. If you're sitting at a table and see someone win with 7-2, 9-2, or 10-3, you're dealing with a bunch of amateurs.
khubli::2004.02.02.03:19 pm
[User Picture]that's the beauty of poker... hold'em particularly.. any 2 cards can win.. statistically, high pairs, high connectors and even low to middle pairs are expected to win.. however.. if there is nothing in the flop for your hand, especially with high connectors.. does not mean that it hit someone's hand perfectly.

If hold'em were all about playing only that statistically favored hands.. the game would be boring.. you know exactly what everyone is on..

I've sucked out on hands with 2-7 suited.

no one expects it when there are 2 2 on the board.. AK AQ can bet away all they like. I'm not saying that you should play them all the time, but every once in awhile, you have to throw it in the mix or you're way too predictable...

Besides, I take satisfaction in watching someone get tilty when you snapped off their top pair, best kicker with a little hand like 7-2. It tends to blur their sensibility in the hands they play.

There is a lot of basis in the statistics, you should play the favored hands, but ther are many times when you are going to take some of the larger pots with little cards. Just don't become predictable.

I guess my peeve is that people berate little unsuited cards. They berate when they've gotten snapped off sometimes in hands they shouldn't be playing even with the big cards. Every person in hold'em puts value on the 2 particular cards in front of them before the flop. Don't ever try and value those cards for the other person.

You're right, statistically they're gonna lose more than they will win. Do you really want them to stop playing those cards when you're holding K-K, they're playing their offsuit 7-2 and the flop comes K-2-2?

I say encourage them until the sun stops shining. Take your wounds, lick em, heal em, fight another battle.

I get sucked out on.. it happens, it's infuriating, but in the long run.. if you play smart, realize when you're beat and fold, play hard when you think you're ahead, if you get raised, then it's time to consider.. soemone is playing junk.

my .02

Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity. ~Bullet Tooth Tony
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