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January 28th, 2004

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2004.0128.0101::This is the story you won't tell the kids we'll never have
Feeling a bit...melancholy. I suppose part of it comes from finding the WFKATWOMD's blog, but I think most of it is from thinking about the GLOML. She hasn't written in a while, and it's coming up on the anniversary of her husband's death. How is she? Should I confront her about what I think is a serious problem? (Do I dare? Do I dare?)

I've been a bit isolationist lately, aside from Jerry's visit and Runa's event, so tonight I joined a number of former co-workers out for a trivia night at the Universal Joint. Had some fun, but it did get me thinking--every one of those guys were married (one of which to the WFKATWOMD).

Just where exactly am I going with this here life? Like tiiguy told me before when I waxed introspective about the failed state of my relationships, it's not a race to marriage, but I can't really shake this feeling that I'm not doing anything particularly worthwhile with my time. Poker, drabbles, the occasional update to the Bronze Archives--it's all pretty diaphanous.


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