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+ tiiguy: Poker
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December 15th, 2002

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But I think I'm losing control, because I programmed it too well, 'cause I'm amazing.

I'm going to have to use that quote sometime in my coding career...

I just watched "The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever." Jhonen Vasquez is a genius. Even cooler, is once I was done watching, "Rise of the Zitboy" was on Nick.

Poker was good to me last night, caught a couple of really good hands (on two hands of Deuces-Jacks, I caught a pair of sevens--once with a seven showing, and another time with pocket sevens). Also went high in Screwy Louie with a pair of sixes and won (T-9-8 of spades, 6 of clubs, and 6 of hearts).

I lost a bit of money at Between the Sheets, which is a stupid, stupid game. I'm still convinced that I need to hone my card skills and come up with a system to the point where playing that game (and others like it) will be a no-brainer.

Overall I'm up about 45 dollars, with some change.

Didn't go to any brunch this afternoon--I got out of poker about 6:00 am, despite Ollie's insistence that I play a hand or two of No-Limit Hold 'Em (yeah, right). Woke up about 1:30 and then went back to sleep for a bit. Eventually just decided to forego brunch after I slept a little too close to the cutoff time for yummy eggs at Diem or Carrol St.
Current Mood: punchy
Current Music: "The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever"

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tiiguy::2002.12.15.08:27 pm::Poker
[User Picture]Thank god for the between the sheets, otherwise I would not have gotten back to even so that I could lose it all back to Oli and get him back to even.
khubli::2002.12.17.07:34 am::andy eggs and ham..
[User Picture]there is no such thing as yummy eggs at Diem... Carol Street on the other hand has it right.. How could 2 restaurants owned by the same individual with similar mission plans differ so much with something simple as eggs?
tiiguy::2002.12.17.10:50 am::Re: andy eggs and ham..
[User Picture]Finally someone who agrees. I have been arguing for months that Apre's is some of the worst food in a nice place I have had in a long time. Where as his other two resteraunts, that have the exact same menu for the most part the the food is actually decent and the specials are usually pretty yummy.
thepeopleseason::2002.12.17.11:50 am::Re: andy eggs and ham..
[User Picture]I actually agree as well, but I can't get online at Carrol St.

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