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January 21st, 2004

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2004.0121.1450:: Blackbird singing in the dead of night
[ ]
The things people think up...

aviationwolf: Did you ever think that if people really had wings (like fairies or something) that they would be made out of flesh? Sort of like birds wings are made out of feathers?
thepeopleseason: you mean like bat's wings?
tmhsiao: it would follow, yes...
aviationwolf: all these fairy pictures? Wouldn't be so attractive, would they....
tmhsiao: then there would be the possibility that they'd grow hair.
aviationwolf: or costumes...
tmhsiao: and make the whole "back hair" phenomenon even more gross.
tmhsiao: well, sheer fairy wings can be flesh, they'd just be sheer flesh.
aviationwolf: so how do you make flesh wings for a Dragoncon costume?
tmhsiao: leather?
aviationwolf: Then it's leather
tmhsiao: still fleshy.
tmhsiao: gotta find a soft leather.
aviationwolf: Skin harvesting for fabric is probably illegal
tmhsiao: yes.
aviationwolf: and thin I think
aviationwolf: it was just a stray idea and I thought I would share
tmhsiao: makes sense.
tmhsiao: you should make them hairy wings.
aviationwolf: oh, I'm not making wings...
aviationwolf: idea was the wrong word
aviationwolf: stray thought
tmhsiao: well, I'm just saying
tmhsiao: if you ever get the urge to make wings for a costume.
tmhsiao: make them hairy flesh wings.
aviationwolf: but what about winged cats....shouldn't their wings be hairy? Instead, I always see them with feathers
tmhsiao: preferably oddly curled hair.
tmhsiao: so it looks all kinked and everything.
tmhsiao: winged cats = bats.

I'm pretty sure "make them hairy flesh wings" is a sentence that has never been uttered in the long, gruesome history of human civilization, but I may be wrong.

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bpeace::2004.01.21.12:00 pm
[User Picture]You people are diseased.
That's perhaps why I like you.
thepeopleseason::2004.01.21.12:02 pm
[User Picture]I did just come home from China having met with people who lived in the hardest hit area for SARS in Beijing...
aviationwolf::2004.01.21.02:08 pm
Methinks he wasn't referring to physical disease....
girl_bot::2004.01.21.08:21 pm
i like fairies. which is why i like watching queer eye for the straight guy.

i like bats too. they're cute. batman is cute. if everyone looked like batman, they'd be cute.

thepeopleseason::2004.01.21.09:05 pm
[User Picture]i like bats too. they're cute. batman is cute.

I don't know if Batman would like people calling him "cute." :)

if everyone looked like batman, they'd be cute.

Which one? George Clooney, Val Kilmer, or Michael Douglas?

girl_bot::2004.01.21.09:13 pm
*snicker* mickael douglas? as in catherine zeta jone's husband? he's an oldie. i think you're talking about michael keaton. he's the best one. initially though, i didn't think that mr. mom would make a good batman. but he kicked ass. the other actors are merely side dishes. they're like insignificant echoes. they're crap.
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