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January 7th, 2004

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2004.0107.1250::Flying blind on a rocket cycle...
Funny how when I went to do a search for "Sam and Max" on Google, I somehow ended up with a reference for Flash Gordon. Of course, I wasn't looking for Sam Jones and Max von Sydow--I was searching for the Freelance Police:
Sam: The only two words that can describe this ball are huge and big.
Max: I think the two words I describe it with are dumb and stupid.
Speaking of Flash Gordon, has yet another classic videogame quiz (as well as tributes to the greatest of all rock-and-roll games, Journey: Escape, and the greatest of all inflate-monsters-until-they-explode games, Dig Dug). How does Flash Gordon relate to classic videogames, you ask? Only the truly old-school nerds will know.

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flattop::2004.01.07.10:54 am
[User Picture]I can only assume you're referring to the Flash Gordon pinball machine. We had one of those at the movie theatre where I got my first job. It would blurt out strange things like "Try the woodbeast!" and the like. We used to break into it and get free credits. Ah, good times.
thepeopleseason::2004.01.07.11:15 am
[User Picture]Nope. The movie itself.
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