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January 7th, 2004

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2004.0107.1133::A TiVo Idea
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I've had this idea for a while, but after recently receiving an e-mail describing how AirTran Airlines will be installing XM Satellite radios into all of their passenger seats, I decided to send this in to TiVo.

Because many hotels are now investing in in-room systems where guests can access pay-per-view items as well as services such as reviewing itemized bills on-screen, I think a good strategic move for TiVo would be partnering with a major hotel chain to provide some kind of TiVo system, which has been augmented with hotel information system capabilities.

Pay-per-view functionality is already present in TiVo's DirecTV DVRs, so all they would have to add is the ability to browse the hotel systems for data.

I think it would get TiVo's capabilities into the minds of many travelers. Of course, they might want to investigate some means of making this a centralized server system to prevent thefts, but aiming, perhaps, at the more upscale hotel chains which cater to business travelers may minimize those dangers as well as target the ideal demographic--professionals with disposable income.

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aviationwolf::2004.01.07.04:46 pm

You are spending a little too much time with the TiVo, dear....

glenn66::2004.01.10.06:09 pm
[User Picture]You can never spend tooo much time with TiVo...
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