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January 1st, 2004

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2004.0101.1446::As Janus turns his head...
Happy New Year, everyone! And a special shout-out to bratsey. Hope everything's going well in Japan, and hope to see you home soon.

Had one of the best New Year's I've had in a long time. I started at sdtaylor555's place where a bunch of the Dragoncon Buffy track regulars, including aviationwolf and jackzodiac, got together for a party. We first went to catch a showing of Peter Pan (which, in my opinion, was the cinematic equivalent of Chinese take-out--pleasant to look at and perhaps consume, but it will leave you empty and unsatisfied).

After the movie we returned to Sarah's place, and had a bit to eat and talked about many a fannish subject. I think the conversations wound their way through South Park, George Clooney, ER, Monty Python (because what geek gathering ever foregoes the Holy Grail quotage?), Harry Potter, Star Wars in various media (film as well as computer games), sock puppets, and my previous suggestion for relationship outplacement.

I left the party around 10:30 PM or so, because I had a standing engagement at Dupree's for the regular New Year's Eve poker game. When I got there, I found everyone gathered around a pool table, playing a makeshift craps game, with playing cards representing the field and khubli banking. For a while there, the "customers" were doing rather well, but ultimately the shooter would crap out, and he'd take down the large stacks of chips everyone had on the table.

When that game broke down, we began our regular dealer's choice game. For some reason, after folding a few winners, I was hitting lucky cards all night--poker is generally more a game of luck when you're playing at 0.25-2.00 dollar unstructured betting limits. I played a Screwy Louie hand where I passed a pair of Kings and a Queen away, and flattop and khubli passed me three tens to give me tens full of Jacks--the best boat available when two others showed their Aces for the low hand.

I made it up to about 160 dollars in profits early in the night, and played tight for a while. When some of the players started getting low, I played a bit more loose (because it's a friendly game).

Eventually the two tables of players broke down to one, and we played until about 7:00 AM or so. I ended up about 120 up, after realizing the bank was about 21 dollars short of cash (I had been handling the bank, with khubli). tiiguy was nice enough to split the loss with me, although when he learned that I was so far up, he got a bit miffed.

I got home around 7:30, washed the second-hand smoke from myself, and went to bed.

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
thepeopleseason::2004.01.09.07:53 am
[User Picture]Card? I didn't get a card, but I got an e-mail sent from your cellphone...

I decided over the holiday that I would not continue my contract, so get the futon ready, I'll be home in a few months.

Yay! I guess you can catch up on all the Buffy and Angel episodes that you missed, if batnandu ever returns the tapes I gave him...
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