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December 20th, 2003

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So aside from having to work on my birthday, it went pretty well--my supervisor brought in this dark chocolate-raspberry torte pie thing, and I had all of one slice before it glued my mouth shut with a rich, gooey, chocolatey, crack goodness.

Then my boss' wife brought in their grand-dog, a lovely Whippet named Molly. Despite my boss' description of her as, "about as smart as an avocado," she really was quite friendly. I'm not a pet owner kind of person--even though dogs really take to me. I tend to prefer the lower-maintenance cats, but I'm allergic to them. Molly was such a sweet dog, however, I could envision myself raising a dog like her...

After work I trudged through the afternoon traffic on 75/85 to get to Newnan. Took about an hour to get through it all, but it was worth it. I had some pizza and snacks, and then we started a Hold'em tournament. I got knocked out when I flopped top pair (Queens) against khubli who had pocket cowboys.

After dropping out of a second tournament (where I'd built up a good stack playing aggressively, but lost it calling semi-bluffs which turned into suckouts), everyone presented Gene and me with our respective cakes--I got a fancy cake with musesfool's Remus Lupin on it--actually it had Obi-Wan fighting Jango Fett. Way cool. I'll take a picture of the plastic figurines later and post them.

We did play one more tournament, and I managed to stay in it long enough to take second place and double my entry fee--by the time it was down to khubli and me, he'd amassed a sizable chip advantage, and the cards were really cold for me playing heads up. I managed to double up a few times, but low pocket pairs (3s or 4s) wouldn't hold up.

As far as the birthday booty, everyone got me a gift certificate to Mimosa, the spa/salon in Decatur, which is pretty sweet because my back's been bugging me a bit lately, and Gene got me Odyssey by Delerium, something that's been on my Amazon wishlist for a while. As far as the other kind of birthday booty, well, it's business as usual.

I drove home from Newnan at about 3:00 in the morning, because I could feel the beginnings of disease taking me. Slept in until about 11:30, then watched this week's 24, Celebrity Poker Showdown (the players seem to be getting better...), That 70's Show, and The O.C.. Now it's time for breakfast.

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aviationwolf::2003.12.20.12:43 pm
Happy birthday! I was driving yesterday or I would have posted earlier.

thepeopleseason::2003.12.20.02:29 pm
[User Picture]Thanks :)
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