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December 17th, 2003

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2003.1217.1722::Recipe for writing an episode of Tru Calling
[ ]
Ever thought that you could write for an hour-long television drama? It's easy! Feel free to follow along with my simple step by step instructions. I make writing FUN!!
  1. Teaser: Show soon-to-be-dead person interacting with primary misdirection suspect.
  2. Act I: Show Tru getting out of bed. Introduce two to four minor problems which she will remember throughout the day, usually involving Tru's brother, sister, or best friend.
  3. Act I: Show Tru finding dead person. Show Davis explaining technical details about their suspicious death. Show person asking for help. Cut to commercial.
  4. Act II: Show Tru waking up again. Show Tru going to the morgue to check out details of not-yet-dead person, while Davis incredulously wonders why she's looking up the NYD person (or helps out now that he knows her secret). Solve first minor problem.
  5. Acts II & III: Show Tru getting stuff ready to solve second minor problem. Show Tru encountering resistance from NYD person. Also at some point between Acts I-III, show supposedly minor detail about the death.
  6. Act III: Show Tru actually saving NYD person from a situation bearing remarkable similarity to the situation she believes will result in the NYD person's death, usually involving the primary misdirection suspect shown in the Teaser. Show Tru solving second minor problem (and third if included).
  7. Act III: Show Tru realizing that supposedly minor detail is actually plot twist which will result in another impending death situation for NYD person. Cut to commercial.
  8. Act IV: Show Tru racing to try and stop second death situation for NYD person, and succeeding. Show Tru saving person just in the nick of time.
  9. Act IV: If there was a fourth minor problem introduced in Act I, solve it here. Otherwise, just show Tru interacting with her brother/sister/friend/potential boyfriend guy/Davis. End show.

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nwhepcat::2003.12.17.02:29 pm
[User Picture]Ha! Quite right. Except you forgot in Act 1, she knocks something off the nightstand as she wakes up, just so the viewer will get it when she knocks it off again in Act 2.
thepeopleseason::2003.12.17.02:30 pm
[User Picture]Dammit. I keep forgetting that one in my spec scripts. Maybe this is why I'm not writing for them? :)
nwhepcat::2003.12.17.02:35 pm
[User Picture]Feel free to use it, compliments of a formerly dues-paying member of the Writers Guild of America.
glenn66::2003.12.18.10:56 pm
[User Picture]I have 3 unwatched episodes of "Tru Calling" on my TiVo, this may motivate me to watch them all to see if this theory works... :D
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