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November 27th, 2003

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2003.1127.1013::Phone Post
[Invalid audio link: 3]

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-anon-::2003.12.01.10:17 am
Am home sick today, so decided to try to figure this phone post thing out (since noboby else has yet, and I like a challenge). The first .ogg player I downloaded made you sound like one of the Chipmunks on crack. Well I haven't actually /heard/ his voice in several years, I thought to myself, but I don't think he's changed /that/ much... no speed control on the dang thing, so I got a different one, and that worked.

Whoever was cackling in the background while you talked sounded a lot like a gobbling turkey...

Spaghetti in the bathroom?!


thepeopleseason::2003.12.01.10:21 am
[User Picture]Are you still on a Mac? I think Ogg players might be running slightly behind for the Mac (but just slightly with OS X and everything being so close to Linux).

Whoever was cackling in the background while you talked sounded a lot like a gobbling turky...

It was someone in Miami International Airport. Which pretty much means it could have been a gobbling turkey :)

Hope you feel better.
-anon-::2003.12.01.12:50 pm
Mac all the way, baby - only mine's a decrepit (but mostly reliable) iMac G3 OS 9.2.2 hand-me-down from Scott, who has a lot more fun on his three G4 Powerbooks. His newest one is running Panther; his oldest one had better be sold by the end of this month if the CFO of this outfit (that's me) has anything to say about it ; ) The others are used for freelance - he's off to Vegas again tomorrow.

I am feeling better, thanks; of course I'll be back in the germ pool with the wonderful darlings tomorrow.....

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