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November 22nd, 2003

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Damn my interpersonal relationship ethics.

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solsistr3::2003.11.22.12:40 am
...may as well damn mine, too, while you're at it.
thepeopleseason::2003.11.22.06:51 am
[User Picture]Ok. "I damn them!"
solsistr3::2003.11.22.07:02 am
"Damn your eyes!"
"Too late."
aviationwolf::2003.11.22.04:53 am
Ok....so now I'm curious. Of course, you aren't going to tell me - even if you were going to tell everyone else - you probably wouldn't tell me as revenge for the candy thing.....

thepeopleseason::2003.11.22.06:57 am
[User Picture]Just a few simple rules that I've picked up over time...
  1. Do not get involved with a married woman.
  2. Do not get involved with a friend's girlfriend.
  3. Do not get involved with a friend's serious crush.
  4. Do not get involved with a friend's ex-girlfriend, unless at least half of the length of time that they were involved has passed.
On occasion, I'll find myself wanting to break one of these, and I have to remind myself that they're in place for my protection and the protection of those around me....
aviationwolf::2003.11.22.07:32 am::GAH!
too complicated rules for my teeny brain.

thepeopleseason::2003.11.22.08:05 am::Re: GAH!
[User Picture]I think the easiest way of following all these rules is to become a reclusive monk and watch TV all day.
aviationwolf::2003.11.22.10:33 am::Re: GAH!
Duh! That solution works for a whole bunch of problems.
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