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November 20th, 2003

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2003.1120.1543::Crap I should not be buying...
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Most importantly, Buffy fans with PS2s and XBoxen will be happy to know that Chaos Bleeds is now on sale at EBGames stores all over, as well as online. Those who choose to buy it online can also get it for 10% off and free shipping. I, however, went to the store to grab it because I'm impatient and puerile.

After searching around on the net for the best price, I picked up two copies of TTT:EE--one for a friend's birthday gift, and the other for myself. For some reason, I got the Gollum statue. I don't know why I got the Gollum statue, I just did. Originally, was listing the Gollum statue package at $49.99, but after I went to a local Costco, and didn't find a single one of the specials (just the regular extendeds), I went back to the website and they didn't list it anymore. Pfft.

I also had a 10% coupon to Best Buy for a Television DVD; unfortunately, I've got most of the TV shows I want--all the Buffys and Angels so far, as well as both Couplings. I considered Beast Wars: Transformers, as well as The Office and My So-Called Life, but I picked up the first season of Twin Peaks, because it was the least expensive...

I guess it's understandable that I drop a disproportionate amount of money on comic books when I haven't been to the store in three weeks, but combined with the rest of the week's purchases...

Oh well.

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xopherg::2003.11.20.10:40 pm
[User Picture]shouldn't you be linking to amazon? we have a far superior customer experience.

thepeopleseason::2003.11.21.07:33 am
[User Picture]I would if they were selling Chaos Bleeds for 20 dollars.
xopherg::2003.11.21.10:17 am
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