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November 14th, 2003

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2003.1114.1654::The Longest Cemetary and other assorted goodies...
I'm the King of the World!

Err... actually, I was shivering and tired, but climbing the Great Wall was exhilarating. Jerry and I made it to the top of the fifth tower out from the entrance at Ba Da Ling with a few other members of our tour group. The steepness of the climb to that final tower is literally breathtaking (in climbing terms, I'd probably give it about a 4.8-4.9). The stairs themselves are slightly indented from what I can only imagine is thousands of years of use and wear. I think all of us were a bit shocked when my mom trailed in as we took several minutes to catch our breath.

For those of you who know them, I met up with Anna and Adam in Beijing at a pretty famous shopping district (Wang Fu Jing). We were supposed to meet up at the DQ in the Mall at Oriental Plaza, but they got stuck in traffic, and I figured out that there are two DQs in the mall, so we got in a bit of a disconnect before my brother found them from my descriptions. We went on to eat outdoors, amidst a crowd of men who barked at each passerby with promises of good, fast food, and then walked around Wang Fu Jing, catching up, and taking in all the stores and vendors.

Running around the web today, I spied An intriguing analysis of the deleterious effect of stupid people on society. The illustrations alone are worth it.

Finally, for the writers among you, I found writerdose, author Michelle Richmond's Daily Dose for Writers, a daily exercise in writing. I've syndicated it on LJ, although, if the syndication continues to use specific font colors, I'll probably mirror the RSS feed on my own site and strip out the <FONT> tags. I really like the story she uses as an example on the fetish entry.

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