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December 11th, 2002

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2002.1211.1735::The mind wanders...
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I've been working on a new version of our product for about three weeks now, lately I feel like I need some serious Ritalin. My attention span has just been at near zero for the past few days. I suppose it could have something to do with lack of sleep, but I am getting some work done (unlike my last few months at Cox Interactive).

I don't know if anyone realizes how happy I am, however, to get back into programming--management was just such a bitch. I've told this to quite a few people, but when you're managing three junior and one senior technical developers, there's just not a lot that you can volunteer your own skills for. Any little projects you give to the junior techs so they can glean some amount of experience, and any big projects you give to the senior tech, so he doesn't get bored and/or resentful (like his boss did...).

So it's no wonder they laid me off--I hadn't really been at all productive since becoming a manager (plus the fact that I tended to confront my boss's decisions in e-mail amongst the circle of my fellow managers--what? He was a dick).

Either way, I'm glad to be coding again.
Current Mood: [mood icon] listless
Current Music: ...yet another VNV nation song...

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