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October 15th, 2003

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2003.1015.0033::Dear Amy Sherman-Palladino:
[ ]
Dorothy Parker notwithstanding, please make it a requirement for every episode of Gilmore Girls to include a short segment of Lorelai wearing her glasses.

--A fan

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chinook_wind::2003.10.15.06:45 am
[User Picture]Heh. :) I liked the post-it trail.

On a totally unrelated note: do you remember when Nandu called Gene Ray, the timecube guy? Do you remember at all what they talked about? I'm trying to recall, but all I can come up with is that it was incredibly bizarre ...
thepeopleseason::2003.10.15.07:35 am
[User Picture]Yeah, I seem to recall the guy just basically repeated what was on his site. You can probably ask batnandu. He keeps his eye on things, even if he posts like once every 6 months.
nameisboxcar::2003.10.15.05:01 pm
Dear WB:

Please stop the misleading implications in the promo spots for Gilmore Girls. I expected Rory to break up Dean's wedding, and dammit, you did not come through. In the next episode if Luke and Lorelai do not hook up, I will firebomb your station.

thepeopleseason::2003.10.15.05:17 pm
[User Picture]LOL

Unfortunately, I'm thinking you'll need to get your bomb-making equipment ready...

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