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October 9th, 2003

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2003.1009.1819::Strange Urges...
[ ]
Why did I get the sudden need to listen to Les Misérables today?

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kawaiiryuko::2003.10.09.05:23 pm
[User Picture]Surprisingly, I was listening to Les Mis today. I've got the entire 2-CD set ripped and it comes up from time to time on my playlist. Today, I got Stars, One Day More, Red and Black, Confrontation, and Master of the House all between lunch and when I left work.

thepeopleseason::2003.10.09.05:55 pm
[User Picture]Ok, that's just bizarre. Add to that our synchronous poker last Friday, and you're talking mirror universe stuff here.

Only I don't have a goatee, so I must be the good version. :)
kawaiiryuko::2003.10.10.06:01 am
[User Picture]We are asian. I don't think growing a goatee is a simple task for either one of us. ;)
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