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October 1st, 2003

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2003.1001.1200::Fannish bits from "The Surprising Benefits of Being Unemployed"
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Slashdot recently featured David Dvorkin, former NASA engineer and novellist, writing on "The Surprising Benefits of Being Unemployed." In it he includes this funny little snippet I thought the fen would enjoy:
Are you a fan of the television show Smallville? We sure are.

Although there are a few details about the show that keep bothering me.

How do the desperately cash-strapped Kents keep that farm running? They have no employees. 'Course not. Can't afford 'em. Wouldn't need 'em, either, if Clark did all the work with his superspeed and superstrength instead of spending his time mooning after Lana Lang and otherwise engaging in superteen superangst. Pa Kent's no use. He spends his time vaguely and ineffectually tinkering with odd bits of farm equipment. That's why Ma Kent had to get help from her nasty father and go to work for the remarkably evil and devious Lionel Luthor. I also wonder if I really did once glimpse snow- capped peaks in the background in, er, Kansas.

But I digress.

What really bothers me about the Kents is that despite their constant worrying about money, and even though their house seems to be nicely designed to let in lots of sunlight (in Kansas . . . ), nonetheless during the middle of the day they seem to keep every single electric light in the place turned on!

(I also wonder if perhaps this is a terrible cultural side-effect of that evil socialistic institution, the Rural Electrification Administration, but I'm digressing again.)

People don't need that much light. Especially not people who are worried about money.

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