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September 18th, 2003

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2003.0918.1406::Outrage and Melancholy
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From bill_maher's blog:
Here’s a real morale builder: it turns out that American soldiers wounded in Iraq are being billed for their hospital meals. Talk about adding insult to injury. Perhaps the next time President Bush holds one of those $5,000 a plate fundraisers, he could slide a little of that cash over to the Pentagon so legless soldiers don’t have to pay for their own pudding cups.
In other news, I wrote a drabble for the sunday100, which I've been too lazy to mention until now.

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solsistr3::2003.09.18.01:51 pm
Fucked up!
-anon-::2003.09.21.11:55 am::Your Willow postcards drabble

My name's Don. Alyson posted a link over at the Buffy dot creative newsgroup and in a fit of Sunday afternoon boredom I followed it.

I had to email back and tell you that I'm glad I did, as it was a lovely piece that broke my Tara/Willow loving heart.

Thank you.

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