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September 12th, 2003

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2003.0912.1640::Computer Work and the Geek Holy War
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One of the more tedious aspects of working in application development is finding a bug with no discernable cause. We've worked on several such bugs before. This latest one involved my turning my laptop's touchpad-enabled screen so that it faced directly up, and using the stylus to randomly hit links in the site we're debugging, hoping desperately to generate an error.

We've been going at this for about three hours, and I had been using a mouse and actively watching the screen, until I got bored and flipped things over. I figured I could read MegaTokyo and my Friends list as I randomly clicked on links with my left hand piloting the stylus.

I finally generated the error. Thank Goodness.

The Geek Holy War

You know as someone who's pretty much editor-agnostic, I really got an enormous amount of amusement in trapping a vi person in Emacs.

My boss even had the choice quote, "I don't like Richard Stallman. I think he's crazy," to add after the magic keystroke I told him about (Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C) failed to take him out of the program.

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