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September 11th, 2003

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If you were surfing around the web, and you got to a site whose address was:


And the page told you you weren't eligible to see what you wanted to see, what would you do? If the site were work-related, how would your answer change?
Current Mood: [mood icon] curious

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chinook_wind::2003.09.11.03:49 pm
[User Picture]Probably look a little further -- if there were a homepage with any kind of instructions on it, I'd read through them again and see what I missed. Because my first assumption is that I've done something wrong.

For work, I'd start asking questions.

But in either case, I'd wonder WTF is this and who *does* get to view it, and why is it publically available if no one can access it? Would make me want to know more.
solsistr3::2003.09.12.07:22 am
If it were for work, I would change the false to a true. You never know.

If that didn't work.....temper tantrum!
thepeopleseason::2003.09.12.08:36 am
[User Picture]If it were for work, I would change the false to a true.

Actually, I kinda meant "if this were your company's site (like your HR intranet, for example)," but that's pretty much what I figured most curious-minded people would do. Thanks...
solsistr3::2003.09.12.08:55 am
Ohhh...I thought you meant a file you needed to actually do work.

I would stil change it, tho...
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