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September 4th, 2003

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2003.0904.1429::Shocked and Dismayed
Found on a post about Gainesville, FL:
Burrito Bros.
Has anyone ever eaten at Burrito Bros. on the west side of 13th just north of University Ave.? I've heard mixed reviews about it.... Also, anyone ever eat at Leonardo's on University Ave. just east of 13th? Just trying to find new places to eat around gville...

I am so craving the Guac now...
Current Mood: [mood icon] shocked

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solsistr3::2003.09.04.12:58 pm
Holy shit. Burrito Bros. makes the BEST BURRITOS EVER. Dave and I considered having some shipped to us. No lies. If you wanted to order some, too, I bet the three of us could order enough to make it worthwhile.

Also, their guac is the diggities. Yup.

Damn I am craving Guac.....
thepeopleseason::2003.09.04.01:01 pm
[User Picture]As much as I looooove Burrito Bros, I think the pilgrimage that I make every couple of months to Hoggetowne pretty much satisfies my craving--I've gotten their frozen burritos before, and it's just not the same...

From what I hear, El Myr's Guac recipe is Burrito Bros' recipe re-invented by former BB workers.
solsistr3::2003.09.04.01:05 pm
That explains its cracklike appeal!
*plans trip to El Myr in head*
-anon-::2006.08.30.01:25 am::recipe
where can i find the details on this "El Myr's" guac recipe? Thanks...I have some avocado's dying for mixing.
thepeopleseason::2006.08.30.02:31 am::Re: recipe
[User Picture]Unfortunately, no one I know is privy to either recipe :(
solsistr3::2003.09.04.01:00 pm::I cannot tell a lie.
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