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September 3rd, 2003

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2003.0903.1145::SCO extortion
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If you've been following the SCO-Linux debacle, you're probably aware that SCO is currently attempting to collect $700 per CPU from every user of the Linux operating system (a figure which they will double well before any of their claims make it to a court of law). They haven't proven anything in any forum, be it a legal venue or in public, and they won't show their "proof" to people without their signing a non-disclosure agreement. As much as I shy away from conspiracy theories and speculations of disingenuous behavior, this whole thing smacks of extortion and a stock pump-and-dump.

Even if you believe that SCO may have a valid case, I submit that SCO's threats to invoice individual users and companies for monies now both presupposes that they'll win the lawsuit and effectively extorts money from individuals who may not have the time, money, nor inclination to fight what may be an invalid claim.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has created a webpage where you can send a fax or e-mail to a congress member to protest their actions.

In related question: in the usual "Save Our Shows" campaigns, most of the common wisdom suggests that postcards and faxes are more effective than simple e-mail messages--is there any hard evidence to support that?
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