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September 2nd, 2003

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2003.0902.1534::DragonCon Notes
Things I learned/observed/figured out at DragonCon:
  • Bring lots of money
    I probably spent over $300 buying crap. As previously mentioned, I got the all of Invader Zim on a bootleg DVD, as well as: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Maison Ikkoku: Box Set #1, Escaflowne DVD #7, Deliria--an RPG edited by chinook_wind, a RedOctane Ignition Pad, a USB-to-Playstation2 controller converter, a five-dollar copy of NHL Hitz 2002, Ghost of the Robot's CD, two signed photos of James Marsters, and an autographed poster for Chance, Amber Benson's independent movie--the poster including a forthcoming DVD of the film. Luckily, I had the willpower to resist getting another $100+ leather (or metal) mask from Mansour Designs.
  • Confidence is Hot
    Being that this is a science fiction/fantasy/comic book con, you'll expect that a large number of attendees are, well, let's just say, not the ideal Hollywood body-type. I do have to respect the number of attendees who squeezed themselves into tight-fitting costumes, and paraded around the Con largely half-naked. Aside from a bevy of "booth babe" types, there was one older woman, dressed as the Scarlet Witch, slightly overweight, but still looking quite good in her handmade costume.
  • Overconfidence is not
    Really, as much as I admire the people in the costumes, the grossly overweight woman in the skin-tight lycra bodysuit with the plunging lacy neckline was really quite a turn-off. I don't really begrudge her her body-pride--hell, I donn't really have the balls to go near-naked/skin-tight in public--but I have a feeling that most of the Con-goers looked at her more as freak than fearless. It wasn't even a costume per se--it was just the outfit she probably reserves for evenings when she's feeling randy/kinky with her lover. I do not doubt she has a lover. Which brings me to...
  • Costumers are more impressive than goths
    In the hierarchy of dressed-up con-goers, the people who make their own wings/armor/cloaks/latex forehead ridges (I saw a Reed Richards who created his own stretched-out arms) are generally more impressive than the people who buy their own medeival costumes/swords/corsets/underoos (Like the Supergirl who just had on a Super-S babydoll tee and Superman briefs) who are generally more impressive than the people who just buy latex ears or porcelain fangs. All of the above are more impressive than the goths who just show up dressed how they're dressed every Saturday for their visit to the local BDSM show.
  • James Marsters has a lot of fangirls
    Quite possibly the biggest celebrity draw of the Con, James Marsters has a lot of screaming fangirls. Every panel that he attended was pretty much full (on Friday, the Con staff rudely expanded the room in the midst of his speaking), and his appearance pretty much caused every other Buffy track panel to get extra attendance. In the Saturday panel that I missed, one girl in particular asked him to take his shirt off, and to make a point, he asked her to take hers off. She did, apparently not getting the point...
  • There will never be a Harry Potter track at DragonCon
    Because of behavior like above...
  • It's good to know people
    Tricia, the Buffy track director, got me past the lines to see the Buffy Musical performance on Friday night because I'd been attending the Buffy track since year one. She also had me help out with crowd control on the Monday celebrity panel, so I got a prime seat.
  • Wear comfortable shoes
    I did so much walking at DragonCon, I think I might have lost about five pounds. And, like Lt. Dan said, keep your socks clean and dry, or you'll get blisters.
  • If you go to try to see some people that you've read online, it helps to be a little extroverted
    I met harmonyfb, and a few others, but being somewhat reserved and introverted, I spent most of my time in the periphery of the Con, wandering about to buy crap.
  • James Marsters is signed on to Angel for the next two years
  • Danny Strong is quite short; so is Iyari Limon
    But he's really funny. I met up with a couple of fellow fans and we wandered about the Walk of Fame. We spoke with Danny about his upcoming projects, and he mentioned Four Guys Eating or something to that effect. He said he plays the "asshole" and indicated that that role is more in line with his personality. He then signed something for one of my compatriots, and when learning that the autograph was for the guy's (perceived freeloading) ex-girlfriend, asked him for his phone number so that he could hound him to kick her to the curb.
  • Tom Hodges, the guy who played the bully in Lucas, directed James Leary (a.k.a "Clem, the foreskin demon") in Stunt Cocks. He plays poker with Lou Diamond Phillips, too.
  • According to Marsters, James Leary in costume gets all the chicks, "because of the ears."
  • ETA: If you're going to buy something, try for later in the Con
    I could have purchased a couple of the DVDs on Monday afternoon for a greater discount, and perhaps saved $20.00 on the Ghost of the Robot CD according to harmonyfb and her friends' reactions to the show...

That's all for now. Ask me if you are curious about anything...
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