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August 19th, 2003

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2003.0819.1805::Friday: Gambling in Vegas
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Friday Morning::8:00 am
Patty, Jason and I get up early so we could go and register for the $25.00 Texas Hold'em tournament at the Luxor, after which we hit the Pyramid Cafe for some breakfast. The way the tournament (which starts at 12:00 noon) works is you pay $25.00 for T$350.00. For another $3.00, you get another T$50.00 in chips. It starts with $10-$15 blinds and $15-$30 structured betting limits, and essentially doubles every fifteen minutes until you hit $100-$200 limits after which it's No-Limit.

We all did moderately well, getting down to the second-to-last tables by playing conservatively. There were a lot of fish in the tournament, and they could make or break us with the river sometimes. Jason got knocked out before the No-Limit round, which was a bit disappointing, because that's where his strength is. Patty got out soon after, playing until a pair of sixes or sevens got outdrawn when she went all-in.

I made the mistake of calling two raises with A-6 suited and lost a good portion of my stack. I had to go all-in at one point and managed a heavy hand (trips/flush/boat). I don't remember the exact hand. I got knocked out after playing dumb again, and then losing out on the blinds.

From the tournament we transitioned over to 2-4 Hold'em again. I cashed in $60 and lost a good deal of it playing conservatively, and then (you guessed it) getting impatient, and chasing dumb hands. Again, the fish were out out-drawing me on two pair and top pair hands, as well as Patty who was disciplined enough to play her way up to $80 (from a $40 stake). Jason played up and down until he hit Quad Queens and got a huge pot as well as a Four-of-a-kind $20 jackpot hand bonus.

I, however, lost all the $60 and the subsequent $40 that I cashed in. I took another $60 to play PaiGow Poker (yeah, yeah, I know I said I wouldn't). Lost about $38 there, but it was good to pass the time not thinking about getting outdrawn and seething about it.

Jason met up with me at the PaiGow table after his Quad Queens win, and we waited a bit for Patty to cash out. Once she did we headed to the Hard Rock to find Amy, Runa, Jeech and Keely.

It has to be said: The women at the Hard Rock are fucking gorgeous.

We met up with Amy at the casino, looked for the others, and then ate dinner at the Pink Taco. After dinner, we hit the casino and played a couple of games. I dropped another $15 on paiGow and then I did something really stupid: I got another $300.00 out from the ATM. Note: at this point, I'd already gone about $240 in the hole on the trip, not including the $28 I spent on the tournament, and most all of $364.25 that I had mentioned previously is gone.

I don't know. I do have a somewhat addictive personality, but it's tempered by an extreme dislike of losing, as well as a healthy sense of moderation. There's something about this town, though--the constant blinking, the clip-clack, click-clapping of shuffling casino chips, the incessant bleeps and clunks of slot machines taking and spewing out nickels and quarters and tokens.

I watched Jeech, Amy, and Runa play PaiGow for a bit, and then Keely joined them. Behind me, at the Let It Ride table, two friends bantered as they played the game, and I would occasionally turn and watch. As one guy's chips dwindled down to $15, he put all three reds onto the betting circles and borrowed a dollar token from his friend for the sucker bet. He played the hand blind. I watched as his friend drew a 5-6-8 and took his first bet back. When the dealer flipped a 7, he let it ride. The dealer then flips a 4. Hoots and shouts. His nearly-broke friend is very excited for him, and then the dealer flips the blind hand-- 4-7-7. Full House. Blind. He jumps up and hollers and most everyone around is both happy and envious.

Buoyed by their success, and the fact that Amy was a bit tired of PaiGow and wanted to try a bit of Let It Ride, I cashed in $100.00 and played. On my second hand, I picked up 2-7-8 of spades. A bit wary of the possibilities, I took my first bet back. When the dealer flipped the 4 of spades, I let it ride on a hunch. I was overjoyed when she flipped the Queen of spades. I had essentially doubled my stake. That (perhaps overly) healthy sense of moderation kicked in a few hands later (when I started to lose), and I cashed out for $205.00

We hung out at the Hard Rock for a bit more, then went back to the hotel for a quick nap. I opted to take the rest of the night off because I wanted to be rested for Zumanity, but we all ended up crashing for the rest of the night--I would learn in the morning that Jason met up with Jessyca and that he scored about $400 playing slots and blackjack.
Current Mood: down, but hopeful

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propsero::2003.08.19.10:45 pm::fun
Sounds like fun. I played in that tourney at the Luxor a while back, it was good but I like slightly bigger tournaments. How many people did they get when you played?

I'm looking forward to my next Vegas trip... thanks for the report.
thepeopleseason::2003.08.19.10:55 pm::Re: fun
[User Picture]How many people did they get when you played?

It was about 30 people this time. Back in April or so, they only had two tables worth of people--they still hold that smaller-sized tournament but just on Wednesdays and weekends.

I was a bit of two minds when it came to the tournament size--with just T$350, you really need to catch some lucky hands at the lower limits with more people in the game.

The interesting thing to me this trip was the explosion of 2-4 Hold'em, which I suspect is a reaction to the popularity of poker following the WPT and ESPN's World Series coverage.
thepeopleseason::2003.10.02.11:45 am::For Love and Casino War...
[User Picture]Not sure if you've seen this or not, but I caught this headline over someone shoulder at the mall and looked it up online...
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