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August 18th, 2003

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2003.0818.2213::Vegas Prequel and Night One
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Thursday afternoon::3:30 PM Eastern - 8:00 Mountain
Ok. I don't know if this is a good or a bad omen, but everyone on the road is a complete and total idiot--getting onto 285 from work, the old bluehair in front of me decides that the optimal course of action when merging onto the interstate is to make a complete stop at the fucking end of the merge lane. WTF? I come this ->||<- close to rear-ending the moron, and of course, I have to wait to merge with the rest of the traffic heading that way once he decides it's safe to move.

Coming down I-85, some guy in a pickup truck decides that his haul isn't all that important and somehow a large box full of crap has ended up in the road. Now, this might not be too bad, but someone's already hit said box and strewn its contents across all four lanes of the thoroughfare, including a large shovel in the second-to-left lane. I see the guy resignedly walking back to his pickup as if he could do anything in the proto-rush-hour traffic of 3:30 PM Atlanta. Dolt.

Once I've gotten home, things are much better, however. I switch things around in the bags, and I almost forget my contact lens case and glasses and toothbrush, but I manage to remember and save myself a world of aggravation. I do forget my good cell battery, but let's face it, who gives a shit? I'm going to Vegas to play poker, not gab all day on the cell phone.

Let me just say, that Delta's online check-in, despite what everyone says about the airline's other drawbacks, pretty much rocks.

I make it to the security gate around 5:00 PM, somehow managing to get about five or so people behind Wendy, Sasha, and Shannon. Up until this morning, I had no idea that I would share the flight with anyone else on the trip, so having them along is a lot better than sitting at the departure gate, leering at all the cute women walking by. We grab a bite and they grab some smokes after I get patted down at the security gate for forgetting to remove my big metal belt buckle; I felt cheap and used--the security guy molested me! The sad thing is it's the most action I'd seen in months.

The flight over was completely uneventful other than sitting next to Bill Hackett, a former Gator with whom I struck up an extended conversation about UF, business, music, poker and blackjack. A blackjack player by preference, Bill has a negative progressive betting system whereby he doubles his bets after every loss. It sounds okay, but a) it requires a lot of capital and b) I'm so not going to Vegas to play blackjack.

Bill and I talk a great deal--so much that another passenger, Dan Something-or-another, and his really hot wife chime in about gambling and poker and blackjack. After the plane lands, Bill tags along with the rest of us to the Westward Ho to see if he can grab a good rate on a room. All in all he was a pretty cool guy, but he did talk a lot...

Somehow, our flight beats Patty's flight despite her earlier arrival time. And we had no layover, either. w00t!

Night One::Luxor::9:00 PM to about 3:30 AM
That's how much money I brought with me into Vegas, give or take a few sub-dime coins. I spend 4.25 of that amount on the shuttle from the Airport to the 'Ho.

I spend twenty dollars on a cab ride for Jason, Patty, Felicia, Tammy and I to get to the Luxor.

I spend about $0.25 on Camel Races and another $0.25 on a single spin of Wheel of Fortune slots.

And then I drop $100.00 dollars playing 2-4 Hold'em at the Luxor. The evening starts out okay--I was playing pretty tight, catching the occasional hand (I caught Aces full of Jacks twice, and slow played both for more money from the fish). At some point, however, I started catching some good cards, and dropped the entirety of my $80.00 buy-in to a guy who was catching great cards. I'd have top two pair, and he'd have trips. I'd have big slick for a pair of aces, and he'd have the bottom two pair. It was infuriating, and I lost another $20.00 playing on tilt.
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