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August 13th, 2003

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2003.0813.1742::The things you learn playing Team Trivia
[ ]
Last night, at the Fox and Hounds, our competing pool league teams joined together to play Team Trivia. At one point, the announcer asked the following question:
True or False: Aside from human beings, all other animals on the planet are exclusively heterosexual.
The obvious answer is false.

From a "test question" perspective, anytime someone says, "True or False: something is always x," you're better off going with false, because always is a pretty extreme word (unless you're talking math or physics, and even then, you're standing on shaky ground).

But apart from that angle, I know that Bonobo Chimps are known to dally within the sexes, as well as masturbate and "use sex toys" (i.e. use tools for sexual stimulation). I think they're the trisexuals of the animal kingdom.

The kicker, however, is what the announcer added when she revealed the answer--male bats are notoriously homosexual.

While someone made the offhand joke that "of course, they really can't see who they're mating with," I just had to reflect on how this confirmed my theories on Batman and Robin...

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