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August 13th, 2003

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2003.0813.1623::So much time, so little to do...
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Strike that--reverse it.

Well, with the upcoming three and a half days off, I've had to get things ready, apart from my usual obligations--last night's pool league, book club tonight. Today I got a package in from my parents which required my signature and initials in over a dozen places (there's a rainbow of tape flags marked "Sign Here" and "Initial Here" sticking to the edge of my desk at the moment), and I need to find a UPS drop box to throw this thing in so they get it soon.

And then apart from getting things for this trip, I'm also have to figure out the schedule for the next few weekends. Blue Man Group is playing at the Civic Center on the 23rd. So looking forward to this show. I've been listening to Audio in the car for the past few days. When I first heard about the show, I was planning to work up to doing Rock Concert Movement #4, but first I got lazy and then I hurt my back. Oh well.

And then the weekend after that is Dragon*Con. Anyone reading this attending? I figure bratsey will probably want me to get her an autographed something or another from James Marsters, if she hasn't already asked someone else to do so.

Add to all of that the compelling desire to complete Xenosaga on the PS2. When I read the back of the package, it said something like "up to 80 hours of gameplay!" "Yeah, right" I thought. Few games made these days ever amount to anything over two days' worth of enjoyment, but I'm pleasantly surprised...and unwittingly addicted.

On top of that, I'm waiting 'til after the trip (and Xenosaga) to start Splinter Cell, and Soul Calibur II comes out on August 29.

Right now, however, it's all about Vegas, baby.

We're gonna be up five hundy by midnight.
Current Mood: [mood icon] excited

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kellinator::2003.08.13.01:43 pm
[User Picture]I might be going to DragonCon. Haven't decided yet.

BTW, LOVE that icon!
thepeopleseason::2003.08.13.01:47 pm
[User Picture]BTW, LOVE that icon!

Heh. It was a toss up between that one and this one, which I used all for my last Vegas trip.

nameisboxcar::2003.08.15.08:49 am
Movement #5 is spilling your plastic cup of Budweiser on the head of the woman in front of you as you bust out an air guitar solo.
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