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August 2nd, 2003

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2003.0802.1558::More Nostalgic Trivia
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All of the following are lyrics from a cartoon-associated song. Most of them are lyrics to theme songs, but some are actual content or background music within the cartoon. All of these cartoons appeared on television (in the 80s or earlier), but not necessarily all of the songs/lyrics. Name the cartoon.

  1. Ain't he unglamour-rays?
  2. Is he strong? Listen, bud.
  3. Magic and mystery are part of their history.
  4. Adventure's waitin' just ahead.
  5. Gotta get up, I gotta get goin'.
  6. North winds blow! South winds blow! Typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes...Smog!
  7. As the battle goes on, we feel stronger. How much longer must this go on?
  8. There's another shinin' face that you might see some night up in the sky...
  9. Now and again, we need a hero.
  10. Dare! Better believe you can survive.

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Current Music: Doomy-Doomy Doom! Doomy Doomy Doom!

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nwhepcat::2003.08.02.01:27 pm
[User Picture]#1 is all I know, but it brings back great memories of my long-dead friend John, who used to sing "Doc Bruce Banner/ pelted by gamma rays/Turns into the Hulk/Ain't he unglama-race?" Thanks for the smile. (I was also with him when he picked up a comic book for the first time in years and exclaimed, "Oh my god! Iron Man is black!" which started him on an insane comics binge which was a factor in MY brief comics writing career.)
thepeopleseason::2003.08.04.07:33 am
[User Picture]Thanks for the smile.

Wow. Sure thing. :)

an insane comics binge which was a factor in MY brief comics writing career.

I'd love to hear this story--what title did you work on?
nwhepcat::2003.08.04.10:18 pm
[User Picture]Back when DC's writer development program worked through the Elvira's House of Mystery title (hmm, around 1985 or so?), I sold them about 9 stories, but only two saw the light of day. And one of them is a looooooooong, strange story, so I hardly vouch for it. Though apparently it was translated into French, where maybe it makes more sense than it did in English.

This was after John gave a friend of mine the Marvel book on drawing the Marvel way, because she has a flair for art. She wasn't interested, though, but I looked at the stuff on writing and worked up some stuff. Called a guy I knew at DC whom I'd met in an acting class a few years before. He was a big fan of the soap I'd been writing for when we met, so he kinda sorta knew a little about my writing, so I got a meeting with the editor of E'sHOM. I had quite a lot of fun with that writing.
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