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July 30th, 2003

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2003.0730.0857::Things "Guys" don't do together
I just woke up listening to a morning show discussing what I guess would be Maxim's latest survey of one hundred hot women, and the things they've done. One particular fact was a bit jarring for everyone in the studio: 70 percent said that they had french-kissed another woman "for practice."

This kicked off a conversation about what guys Just Don't Do. And funny thing is, I've done most of them.
  • Sit next to each other at movies
  • Go grocery shopping together
  • Drive around in a convertible Miata together
  • Point out lubs or fallen zippers
  • Share a bed
  • Go to the bathroom together
  • Share an umbrella in the rain
  • Fix each others' hair
  • ETA: Ride a motorcycle together
  • ETA: Go rollerblading together

About the only thing I've not done here is fix another guy's hair (let's face it--the 'do is sacrosanct). Of course, I went to the bathroom to play pranks on other guys.

But lest you assume that I'm some evolved sexually-secure male, I'm a faithful practitioner of Urinal Etiquette.

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
thepeopleseason::2003.07.30.07:19 am
[User Picture]And they still whisper comments across to each other! Aaah!

Now see, that's just annoying.

Some years ago, I had some friends go to a military base movie theater and the soldiers were sitting one seat apart. There was a lack of space, and my friend (a girl) said to them, "Do you mind sitting together? I know you're not gay."
nuwanda::2003.07.30.02:04 pm
[User Picture]Grocery shopping? WTF?
thepeopleseason::2003.07.30.02:06 pm
[User Picture]Grocery shopping? WTF?

Back when I was in college, a bunch of the roommates would hit the Kash'N'Karry at about 3:30 AM to buy chips and drinks and stuff.
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