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July 29th, 2003

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2003.0729.1232::Three Drabbles...
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Like I mentioned yesterday, I wrote some stuff for sunday100. I've since revised one of them, but here they are.

Glass Houses
"To be terribly honest, I don't want to," Giles muttered. "I've got responsi--"

"Oh, your lot of schoolgirls? I recall you didn't want to go to the Casanova Club, despite what Logue owed to all of us, and look how that turned out." Giles couldn't help but hear the bitterness in Constantine's voice. "Frank and Ben are dead now, in case you haven't heard."

"Yes. Everyone is as a result of your bloody ego in Newcastle." It was Giles' turn for bitterness.

"And what about yours? Where are Dierdre Page and Philip Henry now?" Constantine snapped back.

Giles remained silent.

A/N: "Frank and Ben" are Frank North and Ben Cox, two members of Constantine's "Newcastle Gang." Dierdre Page and Philip Henry are two of Giles' friends who die in the second season episode "The Dark Age."

Following the Countess Kakosy incident
Back at the Bureau, Hellboy spoke with Professor Bruttenholm about the latest mission.

"One thing though, we heard Kakosy talking about 'Herr Nest' and 'Die Ernte'--'The Harvest.' Does that mean anything to you?"

Bruttenholm looked shocked for a moment. He quickly shuffled through the papers on his desk and in his cabinets, looking for something. The Professor tossed aside papers with a mad ferocity until finding a folder. At his desk, Trevor Bruttenholm quickly flipped through the sheets. Pausing on a page, he closed his eyes in relief.

"In a little under twenty-two years, we'll have to be in Cleveland."

It's been years, but he still has the nightmares.

Tim tosses in his sleep as he hears the blind man talking, the tap-tap-tapping of his red-tipped cane echoing in space. He sees his older self kill the blond man in the tan coat. Sometimes the man wears the falconer's face. The pretty girl smiles, a noxious black bleeding throughout her brown eyes and red hair, and turns to tear a fishnet-clad leg from the brunette woman in the top hat.

Then she kisses his doppelganger.

It's been years, but he still has the nightmares. Sometimes he looks forward to them.

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