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July 24th, 2003

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2003.0724.1248::Sports? injury.
[ ]
How in the world did I pull a muscle in my back playing the DDR clone Pump It Up?

A bunch of the old Gators headed up to the Dave and Buster's in Marietta last night, and after a quick bite, we played a bunch of video games. The cool thing is that I spent just about ten dollars (and that was just for the meal) and had an entire evening of play, but Dave and Buster's is sorely lacking in a few departments.

  1. No Soul Calibur II this game has been out for like two years now, and while they have Tekken 4 and Virtua Fighter 4, SCII is nowhere to be seen.
  2. No recent version of NFL Blitz. I think the last arcade version was 2002 or so, and they're still running two 2000 machines.
  3. An overabundance of skee-ball/basketball free-throw games. Now, I can certainly see the appeal of having a few of these machines, but they don't really get as much traffic as some of the other ticket-dispensing games, and they take up way too much space.

    They also had two Time Crisis 3 units, which take up about as much square footage as a medium-sized pickup truck. You could fit about four Soul Calibur II units in the space that one of the TC3 links took up.

There were a few cool things that I got to see, though--the latest House of the Dead shooter (number 3) has pump-action boomsticks, instead of your usual handguns or machine guns, and I always enjoy killing terrorists with head-shots in Silent Scope EX.

But how, oh, how did I manage to tweak my back?
Current Mood: pained

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