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July 13th, 2003

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2003.0713.0108::Minority Report Icon Idea
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Minority Report is on, and it was on at 8:00 pm earlier tonight. I keep catching the very beginning, when Tom Cruise is doing the whole "investigation ballet," with the precog computer system.

I've seen this sequence numerous times now, and something keeps bothering me about it. Unfortunately, I have neither the screencaps nor a decent GIF animator (and I generally eschew animated icons), but I kinda want to make the following icon:

  1. "The Future"--text only.
  2. "Psychic Crimefighters"--Pic of the Temple with Agatha.
  3. "Wood-Carving 3D Printers"--The Red Ball.
  4. "Gigantic Transparent Video Displays"--The Entire Analysis Room.
  5. "Wireless Interface Devices"--Cruise with his hands in those gloves.
  6. "And really, really fancy SneakerNet"--Jad (Steve Harris) putting one of those clear-plexi discs into his terminal.

In any case, I enjoyed the movie, even with some of the more silly moments. Philip K. Dick's original short story, however, is far better in terms of tight plotting and compelling characters, and it's significantly different from the movie. I've only encountered a handful of PKD stories, but each one I have read is great.
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