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July 13th, 2003

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Hanging out at home and cleaning, I left Cartoon Network running after watching the tail end of Samurai Jack. In a bit of nostalgic shock, I learned that CN shows old episodes of G.I. Joe. Heh--Tomax and Xamot kill me.

So anyways, for some reason I leave it on, despite the silly, silly plot line and horrendous dialogue, and you know what? Cartoon Network has sacreligiously decided not to show the tail-end moral-of-the-story bumper at the end of each episode.

What is the point of showing G.I. Joe if you're not even going to include "And knowing is half the battle"??!?! Sheesh.
Current Mood: shocked and dismayed

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effjay::2003.07.13.09:29 am
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