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June 22nd, 2003

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2003.0622.1625::A full day of Potter...
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Around 7:30 or so Saturday morning, I woke up. The last time I was awake at 7:30 Saturday morning, I believe I was still up from playing poker on a Friday night. Getting up is an entirely different story. Still, I was up for a specific reason--I wanted to hit Costco to go pick up a copy of Order of The Phoenix.

Of course, since Costco opens at 9:00, 7:30's a bit early, so I hung out on HomeStar Runner and caught up on a bunch of the Stong Bad E-mails that I hadn't seen. About 8:00 or so, I took a shower and headed up to Costco. Getting there around 8:40, I waited along with a handful of others for the doors to open.

Honestly I didn't really know what to expect when it came to the crowd--I figured most of the hard-core fans would have either pre-ordered their copy or tried to pick one up at some of the midnight openings at the bookstores around town.

There were a few people there specifically for OotP. One guy picked up three copies, as well as the audio book.

Now, I had been on LJ since the opening and I had seen someone remark that they picked up their copy at midnight or so, and at around 3:00 AM, they were done. I, personally, spent the entire day reading the book. I started about 10:00 AM, and finished at 11:30 PM.

Overall, I liked the book. For me, the pacing was a bit off, and I can't quite explain it. Part of me thinks that Rowling was trying to cram too much into the book, with the Dursley scenes, the Number 12 scenes, the Occlumancy training and the D.A. training. Each of those portions of the book have some wonderful parts to them (including my particular favorite scene of the entire book, the boggart scene), but they tend to drag on a little.

I really like that Harry makes mistakes in this volume. Up until now, he's been largely infallible, and while I think an archetypal hero is good for children's books, Harry's character is far more three-dimensional now that we see that he is breakable.

Afterwards, I went down to tiiguy's place and played some poker. Horrendously tired, my back and neck were sore from reading in bed, so I cut out early.

This afternoon, I watched "Serenity" for the first time. Why did Fox cancel this show? Stupid bastards.

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