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+ khubli: ice cream utensils

June 10th, 2003

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2003.0610.1129::Indian Ice Cream Spoons
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After sending this link to batnandu, we had an extended discussion on ice cream utensils.

batnandu thinks that sporks are the most useless eating utensil ever. I quote:
...making [a spork] out of titanium is like saying: dude, have this, the most useless utensil on the planet, FOR THE REST OF YOUR FREAKING LIFE. IT WILL OUTLIVE YOUR GRANDCHILDREN...

I think, however, that a titanium spork might be useful for hard ice cream, especially if you could warm the metal before you sink it into the carton (because what's the point of eating ice cream if you can't eat it out of the carton?).

He told me that Indians (or, as he proudly put it, "The brown people") solved that by making square ice cream spoons, where the forward edge can cut into the ice cream. It makes sense from that perspective, but I'm having a bit of trouble with the back of the spoon's bowl.

If, in fact, the entire spoon is square (and it doesn't just have a "squared" front edge), then wouldn't the back edges of the spoon ruin the ice cream experience? My personal feelings on ice cream (at least with a spoon) are that part of the gestalt of eating ice cream is the whole smooth-roundedness of the experience.

With the image I have of a square spoon, you wouldn't be able to smoothly lip-rake ice cream off the top of a large dollop without getting some of the square edge on the back (and maybe even a little on the front). In order to avoid this edge, you'd have to puff out your cheeks more, instead of enveloping the dollop.

So, my question is this. Does anyone have a picture of this Indian ice cream spoon? Or is my concept of it (essentially, like one of those wire fish tank nets with a bowl instead of a net) just wrong?

Help me out here...
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khubli::2003.06.11.12:01 pm::ice cream utensils
[User Picture]the answer for an ice cream utensil is webbed chop stix.
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