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June 9th, 2003

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2003.0609.1405::Weekend Update
Well, we played the tournament against a team from Kennesaw, but they managed to take us in three straight matches. Robb played first in a 4-3 race and lost three straight. I, then, played an even match against a 4 who played more defensive shots against me then I usually play against other players. I figured Ollie was our best bet for a win in the final match, and he played an even match against someone who just capitalized on mistakes.

We played well, so it's not too bad, and hey, let's face it, I certainly didn't mind not spending my Sunday in a smoke-infested pool hall listening to insipid music and eating crap.

Saturday night, I did a bit more work on the Xander-Willow thing, but I'm still heavily blocked. Only got like 4 hours of sleep Saturday night/Sunday morning, because of some ill-advised poker which started about midnight (I lost 69 dollars).

Sunday morning, Keely called me to invite me to Ria's for some brunch. Even with just 4 hours of sleep, I'm a sucker for eating with friends.

The rest of the day I watched a bunch of TV and did laundry. I meant to go to bed early, but I ended up staying up for a little bit (not too late--12:00) reading Azkaban for some reference on Rowling's voice for some future work on the Willow/Harry/Faith/Snape plot bunny.

Nowhere Girl is a webcomic which has been nominated for two Eisner awards. I just read the first chapter, and it's pretty compelling.

Still horribly single

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