You know, working with someone who used to work for the NSA is pretty… - that yellow bastard

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June 4th, 2003

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You know, working with someone who used to work for the NSA is pretty entertaining.

Lifted from musesfool,
1.You're a character in a work of great literature not originally published in English. Which work and who are you?
Li Mu Bai, the man who cannot pursue the object of his affections because of his loyalty to his comrade from Wang Du Lu's Crane - Iron Pentalogy (which includes Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon).

2. The orchestra is building to the crescendo of the Ode to Joy. Who and where are you?
I'm myself, in my car, singing along.

3. Someone just died. How are you involved?
I'm not. I'm getting informed of it second-hand.

4. Two people are having an argument. Why is it your fault?
Because I haven't told the truth.

5. You're cooking a meal in a kitchen that is not your own. What are you making?
This is never going to happen in the near future.

6. You're standing quietly with your eyes closed. How many other people are standing around you and who are they?
Zero. I'm standing under the shower with the water turned too hot.

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