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May 30th, 2003

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This turned out entirely differently than what I had intended to write, but I like it nonetheless...

For musesfool,


In the moments after the bus stops, they trade quips and wisecracks to one another, seeing how far they can go to make each other laugh.

It's become something of a ritual to them now.

It helps them loosen the tension of just having been in an apocalyptic battle for the world. It helps them cool down from the fighting and the running. Mostly, it helps them not burst into tears or soil their underwear.

Xander tries his best for something witty, playing off of Dawn, but his lines mostly fall flat, and he knows it. He usually obliterates everyone's apprehension with some self-effacing joke, but something's wrong this time.

Even in her exhaustion, Willow sees, and though she looks towards the bus, scanning its windows and the line of people streaming out, she somehow knows that she won't find one person coming out.

By now, Xander is trying desperately to hold himself back, and he wonders how exactly weeping works when one of your eyes is gone. In the warming blurriness of his periphery, he sees the pale red of her hair approach, and she wraps his hand within hers. Willow notices, for a moment, that she has quieted a taut shaking which has gone unnoticed by everyone else.

He can feel the cool wetness of a tear flow down his cheek, but, his hand clasped in hers, he makes no move to wipe it away.

Current Mood: [mood icon] melancholy

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musesfool::2003.05.31.11:40 am
[User Picture]::sniff::

aww, you did it and it's beautiful.

::cuddles Xander::
thepeopleseason::2003.06.02.07:34 am::Re:
[User Picture]There might be more where that came from, too. I'm still mulling it through in my head...

musesfool::2003.06.03.07:24 am
[User Picture]More is good.

See? It's like crack! You can't write just one...
thepeopleseason::2003.06.03.07:31 am::Re:
[User Picture]Heh.

Originally, there was supposed to be some nookie in this one--but from the outset, it just zinged off in an entirely different direction.

musesfool::2003.06.04.08:38 am
[User Picture]Well, it's probably not the best time for nookie at that particular moment, eh?

But a few months down the line, and one dead Kennedy later... *eg*
thepeopleseason::2003.06.04.03:00 pm::Re:
[User Picture]Well, it's probably not the best time for nookie at that particular moment, eh?

Not at that moment, but when I started the thing, I wanted to fix on an aspect of that scene on the lip of the crater (in flashback or so) and have it lead up to/contrast the nookie.

But I got caught up in the moment.

It'll get here eventually.
musesfool::2003.06.06.11:07 am
[User Picture]It'll get here eventually.

And I'll be waiting. *g*
nwhepcat::2003.05.31.10:31 pm
[User Picture]Chest tightening? Check.

Yep. Works beautifully for me.
thepeopleseason::2003.06.02.07:35 am::Re:
[User Picture]Thank you :)

I see I'm not the only one who thought the Gap/Starbucks/TRU line was on this side of crappy...
nwhepcat::2003.06.02.01:25 pm
[User Picture]Actually, the funny thing is, I laughed at that line. (Which I thought was the only funny one of the whole string of mall jokes.) But I think that's because I assumed the whole internal monologue that comes after. Xander's pretty firmly entrenched in my head at the moment and doesn't look to be moving on anytime soon...
thepeopleseason::2003.06.02.01:26 pm::Re:
[User Picture]You could have worse things living in your brain... :)

nwhepcat::2003.06.02.01:43 pm
[User Picture]Absolutely! I think he's at home there because we share quite a few traits.

I knew he'd gone from leaving a toothbrush to the whole moving-in bit when I heard that Lisa Lopes joke in my head while I was still quite traumatized.
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