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May 30th, 2003

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2003.0530.1204::So this is why I'm single...
milath 87%
fyrdrakken 87%
musesfool 69%
How compatible with me are YOU?

Apparently I need more friends, too... :)

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fyrdrakken::2003.05.30.05:04 pm
[User Picture]Theoretically you can use their finding thingy to track down other people you'd be "compatible" with. To friendslist, if nothing else.

thepeopleseason::2003.05.30.06:03 pm::Re:
[User Picture]I've been kinda wondering what their system is to match people up. The questionnaire was filled with Myers-Briggs-type questions--are they going to pair up two Introverts?

Plus, I'd hope they'd match up the interests, as well...

fyrdrakken::2003.05.30.08:20 pm
[User Picture]I hadn't considered that point about matching up the interests -- I know it uses the LJ system, and it would be nice if it were sophisticated enough to take interests into account. But I think they're putting the burden of comparison on the user -- check out the LJ of the people with high compatibility and see if they come across as someone you'd be interested in. Which can actually work pretty well, if it's someone whose personality comes through really well in their blog.
fyrdrakken::2003.05.30.08:51 pm
[User Picture]Okay, went back for another look. You can indeed check out the LJ of someone if you add them to your "Hot List" first -- but you have to buy credits to send them a note if you want to contact them, and you don't get to see their userinfo -- I guess to keep you from contacting them on the side and evading the payment system. For what it's worth, I looked at the LJ of the guy the system pulled up who has a 95% compatibility with me, and he mentioned a couple of webcomics in one of his entry that happen to be on my interests list...
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