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May 7th, 2003

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2003.0507.1930::Fray Musings
The appearance of Fray's axe/scythe in the most recent episode of Buffy, "Touched," kicked off a train of thought that's been brewing since I started picking up the series.

Spoilers for everything up until issue 6... most notably issue 3 and speculation for the final episodes of Buffy. (Excuse me if this has been discussed before...)

Maybe I'm just remembering "A New Man."

Since the beginning of Fray, I've had this suspicion that Urkonn is Giles. I've since revised that theory--I think Urkonn is one of the Scoobies (or the AI gang).

If you recall "A New Man," Giles somehow becomes transformed into a demon, and he and Spike have to somehow convince Buffy that he's not dangerous.

Now Urkonn and his spiraling goat horns bear a strong similarity to the Demon that Giles turned into in "A New Man," but there's other evidence:
Issue 2: When Urkonn first meets Fray, she points a gun at him. On page 3, panel 2, Urkonn replies, "You are a fool, Girl. I am Urkonn, of the D'Avvrus. Bullets [emphasis mine] cannot harm me."
"What's a bullet?" Fray replies, as she shoots him with what appears to be a stun gun/tazer pistol.

Apparently, 200 years from now, projectile weapons are now antiques and the average street-wise thief has no idea what a bullet could be.
Further into the issue, Fray grabs a flying robot. "What is that?" Urkonn asks.
"Carrier Pigeon. Means I got a job." She replies.
"You do not have computers on the earth anymore?" he asks.
"What, you mean the Grid?" she responds.

From Fray's description, the Internet and computing has grown beyond its current bounds and is now known as the Grid. She's not especially familiar with the current vernacular term "Computer," but she deduces that it means the Grid.
Issue 3: Urkonn describes the traditional role of Watchers and Slayer--"They were trained. Sought out and guided by Watchers, descendants of the shamans who created the first Slayer."
"So are you my Watch-"
"Then why--"
"My reasons are my own."
"Why don't you tell me what happened to the last one?"
"Because I don't know. It was some hundreds of years ago, in the twenty-first century. What we know is this--there was a battle. A Slayer, possibly with some mystical allies, faced an apocalyptic army of demons. And when it was done--they were all gone. All demons, all magicks, banished from this earthly dimension."
"And the Slayer? Did she..."
"I do not know if she lived. But, the demons being gone, she was the last to be called."

So based on the previous two items, I find it a bit strange that this demon, Urkonn, whose general speech is grounded in twenty-first-centuryisms doesn't really know what happened to the last slayer. He has "[his] reasons" for helping Fray, though. Granted these reasons could very well coincide with yet another plot by the demons that he's working for (from the opening sequence of Issue 1). Artist Karl Moline, however, imbues the close-up of his decayed face when he says "Because I don't know" with a certain melancholy--a sense which carries through his description of the final battle to his off-camera "I do not know if she lived..."

There is one facet of Fray that doesn't quite fit with these theories--when speaking with his superiors in Issue 5, one of them, Vrill is concerned about "[their] enemy." Urkonn responds, "The Watchers have presented themselves no threat ..." If Urkonn is a former Scooby, then why would ally himself against the Watchers? As he describes, however, the Watchers, after two hundred or so years of waiting, have become impatient and fanatical.

A theory on Urkonn and what it might mean for the Buffy Series Finale:

If you recall the bit of dialogue where Urkonn describes the final battle, the illustration that accompanies it shows a silhouette of a girl, a stake in one hand, and a simple battle axe in the other. Within the confines of Fray the comic, I think we may be meant to assume that this is Buffy. But because she isn't wielding the Slayer's Axe/Scythe (and because Angel the series likely wouldn't continue were she to banish all demons and magick from the Earth) I don't think this is Buffy (or, at least, it's not the series finale).

This scenario, however, offers up a good reason why one of the Scoobies/AI crew would be around and in demon form two hundred years hence. As we've seen from "A New Man," any human character can be transformed into a demon. If Joss does write this as the series finale, I've a couple of suggestions of who Urkonn could be.

Spike: When Fray first meets Urkonn, she attacks him, and in his short temper, Urkonn is a bit violent in his response. As we've seen in "Faith, Hope, and Trick," Kakistos, after an extremely long life as a vampire eventually transformed into a less-humanoid vampire, indeed one with cloven hooves, like Urkonn. As a demon, he would be banished with the other demons away from the Earth.

Angel: Like Spike, Angel could eventually transform into a Kakistos-like vampire with cloven hooves. The Sanshu prophecy doesn't really lend itself to this interpretation, although I wouldn't put it past Joss to give that new life to Spike (the other vampire-with-a-soul) and screw Angel, especially now, after we're meant to question everything we've seen until now on Angel.

In the opening sequence for Issue 6, Urkonn laments the horror of war, and both Spike and Angel have lived through wars.

Giles, Wesley, or Xander: Transformed into a demon, one of these three is banished with the other demons into a hell dimension, and all three would have ample reasons to help a new Slayer.

Conner: Purely cheesy: "Conn-er"/"Ur-Konn" -- yeah, it's rather silly, but as we've seen on Angel, Conner's humanity is in question. Indeed, throughout Fray, Urkonn makes passing comments on the behavior of humans. If this Slayer does banish all demons, would Conner be banished as well? And if the Slayer that banishes the demons is not Buffy, could it be Faith? We've seen that Conner holds a flame for her, and their future relationship is not really set.

So, again, if Joss does write the final battle that Urkonn describes as the series finale of Buffy, then I think one of the Scoobies, with the two frontrunners being Giles and Spike, will be transformed into a demon (in Giles' case) and banished from the Earth along with everything else magickal.

My brain hurts now. Thoughts?
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surfal666::2003.05.07.07:08 pm
[User Picture]Joss has said that Fray is not canon. Of course, I think Joss lies a lot.
thepeopleseason::2003.05.07.08:10 pm::Re:
[User Picture]Joss has said that Fray is not canon.

Of course he has. The bastard. ::sigh::

Of course, I think Joss lies a lot.

Of course he does. The bastard. ::sigh::
surfal666::2003.05.07.08:33 pm
[User Picture]LOL.
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