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April 17th, 2003

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2003.0417.1302::Final notes: Vegas
I woke up this (err... yesterday) morning still feeling like crap for dozing off during Cirque du Soleil. I don't know what it is, but it's like that sinking feeling that you get when you've just made something go wrong.

Mom planned on spending the entire day hanging out at the Spa, because of our free passes. Because our check-out time is about 11:00 AM, we called down to the front desk for a late check-out, and at some point, met up with Jeech and Keely to take the bags over to their room.

Their room? Yeah--because Jeech had dropped four figures on a couple of spins of the Roulette wheel, the pit boss decided to comp him a room at the top of the Pyramid. The nicest thing about this room (apart from a television remote that works) is the jacuzzi located in a corner of the room which looks out one of the sloped windows to the skyline of Las Vegas. Other than that, there's no shower, and it's pretty small.

I go with my mother to the room, using the Inclinators (not "Escavators", as we originally thought), and because my cell phone is dying, she decides to stay in the room and watch TV while my cell phone charges, and I head down to the tables. I play some Three Card Poker and Let it Ride for a bit, while I wait for a Hold'Em game to get together, but everything is pretty down on me, so I just hit poker area.

The poker tables are unkind, as well. I sit down only for about an hour or so, and I drop about 40 some dollars. Mom arrives and delivers my cell phone on her way to the Spa and the Excalibur, and Keely's there--unfortunately, the gang wants to hit the Hard Rock again, so I don't really have a chance to win any money back.

At the Hard Rock, we first go to eat at Pink Taco, a Tex-Mex restaurant peopled with pretty young things in tight tank tops. There are two chalkboards with the following slogans: "If you don't the Pink Taco, your best friend will," and "Eating out never tasted so good." Runa gets a tank top, and Keely grabs a tank top and thong all with "I love Pink Taco" emblazoned on front. The cool thing is pretty much everything is comped, because of the various winnings and play from the night before (everyone went to the Hard Rock while Mom and I watched O).

From there, it's table games. One of the first things I do is play some single deck Blackjack, as well as Blackjack in a five-deck shoe. My luckiest hand of the trip is when the dealer deals me two tens and shows a five. I decide to split the tens, as the dealer stands in wide-eyed amazement. "Are you SURE?" she asks. I nod, and she proceeds to give me an Ace for each ten. Whoo! Magic.

Unfortunately, every other game is not so lucky. I proceed to drop about sixty more dollars on various games, and then hit the ATM for three hundred more dollars. It's ok, I only spend about thirty of it for games. I play this new game "Ultimate 21" where you make a minimum two-dollar bet on the total of four cards from a five deck shoe: 17 or less pays 30-1, 18 pays 25-1, 19 pays 8-1, 20 pays 1-1, 21 pays 3-1, and Blackjack pays 4-1. I figure I was mostly ok playing a bet on 20 and another on whatever other bet I wanted (generally sticking to 18/19/BJ), but I dropped ten dollars on the game when 21 would hit.

Wanting to make my money last, I hit the Baby Deuces game that Runa played two nights ago. I played that for a while, and actually hit a Wild Royal Flush at one point. I cashed out after being positive (of course, this being nickel vidpoker, positive was about $5.25 up), and went on to drop another 20 on quarter video poker and 1 cent slots.

Tired of losing money, I met up with the gang at the tables, and we headed back to the Luxor. I hit the Spa again to clean up and relax. We ate around 9:00 at Hamada, the Japanese restaurant in the Luxor, and then hit the airport.

Mom was flying USAir while we were on American, so we parted ways at the loading area ("Listen Jane, I've had enough of your White Zone Shit..."). It was a bit disheartening seeing her go.

I hate flying. Even moreso when the seat backs are just tall enough to hit the middle of my shoulder blades. The headrests apparently extended, but not tall enough to accommodate my height. Luckily, while I was ticketed to sit in the middle seat between the window and aisle seats, my row was empty. The guy who was supposed to sit in the same row as Keely and Jeech decided to sit in the aisle seat of my row, while I sat in the window seat.

After we landed in Chicago, Keely and Jeech ended up beside my row while disembarking, and she looks down at the seat next to me, and the guy's pretzels are there. She asks me to grab them for her, and the guy catches us, and in all good humor, says, "Man, I let you have your row to yourselves, and you guys try to steal my pretzels!"

As I went to get my backpack, I noticed it had slid all the way towards the back of the overhead bin. I point at it, look at Keely and say, "Wow. Things really do shift during takeoff and landing." Keely just lost it. I did too, saying, "Damn, dude, I'm punchy." Hey, it was 6:00 in the morning.

The layover in Chicago was largely uneventful, as was the flight back to Atlanta. I think everyone was way too tired to deal with anything anymore, so the parting in Atlanta was a bit bittersweet. I hopped on the MARTA train back to my place, went home, and slept.

Total for final day: down about 100.
Total for trip: down about 250 or so.
Current Mood: [mood icon] tired

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