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April 15th, 2003

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2003.0415.0716::Second night Vegas notes
I realized yesterday on the second leg of the flight over who Jeech looks like. He looks like Wes Studi playing Magua from Last of the Mohicans. I'm a bit afraid he's going to kill Greyhair and wipe his seed from the earth.

Woke up this morning to register for the Noon poker tournament at the Luxor. They hold a daily tournament with a $25 dollar-for-$250-in-chips buy-in; an additional $2.00 will get you $50 more. Once I got that squared away, I went upstairs and waited for my mother to call.

In a morbidly amusing vein, we've been joking about Runa having SARS this entire trip, and this morning, I turned on the television to hear this:
SARS has come to the Silver State. News at 5:00

My mom and I had a bit of trouble finding each other--her shuttle bus got in at the North Entrance to the Luxor, and I waited at the pedestrian/taxi entrance. Man, this place is big. We finally got together near the Logo Store, where, as I walked up, I heard her ask the cashier, "Is this the only Logo Store?"

It was about 11:20 or so when we finally met up, so I left her at the room where she wanted to catch some rest, and headed down to the poker room. Initially with 20 players, the tournament whittles away the competition until there's only one table left. The blinds start at 5-10 and move all the way up beyond 100-200 and no-limit betting (they go higher, but that's as far as I got...). Starting with three tables, I was sitting in the middle table with a bunch of players who seemed to know each other. You know the saying, "if you're looking for the sucker..." Uh-oh...

Amazingly, I did pretty well. Mostly, I played tight (sometimes a little too tight) and somehow found my way to the final table. There were not too many notable hands--one I had trip sixes and checked on the end when I saw a straight available on the board. The guy next to me berated me a little for not betting that.

I ended up with three hundred dollars in chips after betting on some crappy flops as well as blinds which ate away at my chips. When the big blind was to my right, I went all-in with KJ unsuited, the best hand I'd had in about nine rounds. One of the other players went all-in with me and another player who flopped the nut flush, and the two of us got knocked out 8th and 9th.

They pay the top seven players.

Oh well. It was fun and educational.

Afterwards, I met up at the pool with the gang. While waiting for the sun to come back out, Keely let out a squeal and laughed--we all turned and saw that Tony had come to join us on our vacation. We caught up a bit on what was going on in Atlanta in our absence. It's great that Tony got to come out.

I then went upstairs to hang with mom. We didn't do much for that afternoon--the usual wandering around and playing the occasional table game. Mom's not a big gambler, and she doesn't like cigarette smoke, so the casino floor wasn't really that exciting to her. We got some lunch with Amy and Tony at the food court, and afterwards hit the room for some rest.

At around 6:00, we went to go see the Blue Man Group. Neither Mom nor I really knew what to expect but I was really looking forward to the show. They didn't disappoint. Of my favorite acts, I raved about the Utne Wire Men (where some screen-projected stick figures come to life) to Tony and Jeech, and the music of Rods and Cones and the Drumbone rocked. Watching someone catch marshmallows in their mouth from across a room is awe-inspiring on a wholly childish level. If you ever have a chance to see this show, don't hesitate.

After the show, as we walked out, the Blue Men came out and mingled amongst the audience in the theater lobby. Unfortunately, we didn't bring the camera to capture their marking children with blue thumbprints and taking pictures with fans, as well as kissing a few nubile co-eds. What a way to make living!

Mom went to the room after the show, and I headed to the Hard Rock to meet up with everyone. At the Hard Rock, we played various games, mostly PaiGow Poker and Blackjack. I got a bit tired of dropping money on ridiculous hands, so I watched and advised Runa and Jill while they were playing nickel video poker (Baby Deuces). At one point, Jill hit four deuces, but since she only bet one credit, she only got 200 credits. Otherwise, she might have scored 6000 credits.

Keely wasn't feeling too well at one point, so I joined her in a cab back to the Luxor. She went to get some sleep, and I headed back to the poker table. I had a pretty good night, up about $25, two of which I kept for souvenirs.

I did have a heart-breaking beat--when I looked at my cards and saw a K8 of clubs. The flop came with a 10 of diamonds, and the 7 and 4 of clubs. I call the bet, and the turn comes A of clubs. I now have the nut hand, and I check raise the sucker. Two people are in with me. The river comes, 7 of diamonds. I bet four dollars, half the max bet, and the guy to the left of me raises. "Shit," I think. "He has a boat." The other guy folds, and I call. He's got 10-7 and I've got the nut flush. Ugh.

I worked my way back up, and Runa joined me at the table. We got a pretty good banter going with the fellow who beat me, as well as some of the other folks at the table. At about 4:00 AM, though, I was feeling the lack of sleep, so I headed up to the room. Runa would later tell me that her poker luck left with me, and she would end up at the 7-stud table with a bunch of rude, cranky old men. How can you be rude to Runa? Fuckers.

Total for second day: $23 dollars up in poker ( less the $27 entry fee for the tournament )
Current Mood: [mood icon] tired

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