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April 14th, 2003

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2003.0414.0900::Vegas first night notes
Note: all times are relative to when I wrote this on paper...

I told Amy last night that we'd meet at the airport at about 3:30 PM, and actually met up around 3:50 (there was something going on with my home network, so I just unplugged it from the wall and turned everything off). At about 4:00 or so, I went to grab a bite. As I waited for the ATM to open up, I saw Keely and Jeech heading towards me. I wave, and that's when I notice that Jeech has a mohawk.

Jeech. Has. A. Frickin'. Mohawk.

I get my money and Jeech puts his card into the machine. He pulls out five hundred and adds it to an already bursting-at-the=seams wad of bills. "Oh no," I think, "this trip is going to be crazy."

Apparently, I am the tampon carrier for this trip.

On our layover in Dallas, we stopped to grab some dinner/lunch/meal-type-thingy. Flossie, Keely, and I decided on a Friday's right next to our gate. When the waiter, Matt, approached us, he saw Keely and said, "Kick-ass tats!" He then asked if he could see more, sorta picking at her tank-top. He would go on to buy her a beer for having such great tats.

Keely would later remark that she finds it a bit aggravating when people see her tattoos and think they're permission to just go up and poke and prod her about them. Flossie would later suggest that maybe he said something like "tats" but with an entirely different vowel...

This is also the same waiter that asked me if I traveled a lot, because I looked familiar and my voice was deep (what does that have to do with traveling a lot??). I told him all Asians look alike.

Jeech's nipple ring set off the metal detector wand.

First night in Vegas, we headed out of the airport in a limo. We stopped by a supermarket because Typhoid Mary (Runa) and Amy needed some cold medicine--I had to make sure that they didn't get Actifed or they would have keeled over into their chips at the tables.

It took a while to do the entire check-in business, but we got four Tower rooms (because Pyramid rooms don't have bathtubs). Flossie got her own room to share with Jill, who is driving up from L.A. She's keeping it an extra night so we have a good base to hang out at on Wednesday after check-out.

We got free spa passes with our rooms!

Amy, Flossie, and I were the first to hit the casino floor. We got our Player's Club cards and Amy played some Three-Card Poker. Flossie later met up with Jill and went to bed. I watched Amy play for a while, and then I went to play some 4-8 Hold'Em. After I was done with that (up $6.00--at one point I was up about $40.00), I met up with Jeech, Keely, Runa, and Amy at the PaiGow Poker table. Played that until I made about $10 dollars).

Total on first day: up about $15.50.
Current Mood: [mood icon] tired

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