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April 11th, 2003

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2003.0411.1816::Three three things and a one thing meme
Stolen from various people...

Three little quirks you have that not everybody knows.

1. I like pretty much any media I own to be pristine/mint condition. I suppose it comes from collecting comic books, but if a magazine/book/CD/DVD/whatever that I want to buy has the slightest crease in its cover or crack in the case, I will look for a different copy or forego buying it.
2. I don't really give two shits about the exterior of my car, however (I keep the internals running as smoothly as possible with regular maintenance though). My car is a conveyance which takes me from point A to point B.
3. I don't believe in "soul-mates" where one person has one other specific person they're destined or whatever to be with.

Three things people SHOULD know about you if they want to get along with you better.

1. I might not kick anyone out for eating crackers, but I definitely will for wearing shoes on/in bed.
2. I expect people to listen to me the first time. I hate explaining things more than once, especially to people that I think should know better.
3. Unless you're a former/current/prospective lover (in other words, female), don't touch my side. I get a bit jumpy when people do so, and I've even gone so far as to hit someone with a pool cue when he kept doing it to annoy me.

Three pieces of obscure trivia (general trivia, NOT about you).

1. According to Michael Pollan's The Botany of Desire, the "broomstick" that witches used to "fly" on in Salem, etc, were actually wooden dildoes dipped in some narcotic mix of herbs/plants.
2. In a recent study, scientists found that members of one sex generally do not like the body odor of the other sex within a family. Biologists believe that this is some chemical means of discouraging incest.
3. When playing a poker-like game with three cards instead of five, the odds of getting a straight are actually lower than the odds of getting a flush.

One odd thing currently in your purse, wallet, or pocket.

The oddest thing I have now, I guess, would be New Order's "Blue Monday" CD-Single in my organizer right now. But that's only odd because one generally doesn't use an organizer as a CD case. Everything else, though is pretty much business as usual...
Current Mood: [mood icon] okay

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