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April 8th, 2003

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2003.0408.1651::Buffy stuffy
I doubt many people are gonna like these answers.

  1. Favourite song in "Once More, With Feeling":
    "Under Your Spell" -- probably the most well-sung of the lot

  2. Name up to three scenes that make you cry every time:
    Buffy smashing the Master's bones in "When She Was Bad."
    Willow hearing about Jenny in "Passion." I can't take a weeping Willow.
    Buffy beating and pleading with Giles in "Passion."

  3. Favourite original Scooby:
    Xander...I would have said Willow until last season or so, where everyone just wrote her as the cute, baby-talking archetype.

I prefer...

  1. Supporting cast in:
    Later seasons. This is about all the later seasons have going for them, IMO.

  2. Big Bads in:
    Earlier seasons. Except for The First (at least for the first half of Season Seven), Adam, Glory, and The Troika were all pale comparisons to the Master, Angelus, and the Mayor (who was a great character, but wasn't even that compelling as a villain).

  3. Plotlines in:
    Earlier Seasons. The high school-is-hell metaphor really grounded the storytelling. Later seasons meander through their plotlines unfocused, seemingly subject to the whims of whatever writer takes the reins of a particular episode.


  1. Season One:
    Lamest: "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date"
    Funniest: "The Puppet Show"
    Best Overall: "Prophecy Girl"

  2. Season Two:
    Lamest: "I Only Have Eyes For You"
    Funniest: "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered"
    Best Overall: "When She Was Bad"

  3. Season Three:
    Lamest: "Dead Man's Party", "Consequences" or "Graduation Day II"
    Funniest: "Lover's Walk"
    Best Overall: "Earshot"

  4. Season Four:
    Lamest: "Where the Wild Things Are"
    Funniest: "Hush"
    Best Overall: "Hush"

  5. Season Five:
    Lamest: "The Body" So much potential...wasted.
    Funniest: "The Replacement"
    Best Overall: "Fool For Love"

  6. Season Six:
    Lamest: "Doublemeat Palace".
    Funniest: "Life Serial"
    Best Overall: "Once More, With Feeling"

  7. Season Seven (thus far):
    Lamest: "The Killer in Me"
    Funniest: The flashbacks in "Selfless"
    Best Overall: "Conversations with Dead People"

And a quiz result:

which scooby are you?

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
thepeopleseason::2003.04.08.09:25 pm
[User Picture]I have to admit that I was going through a break-up when IOHEFY aired, and it held some weird relationshit resonance for me at the time. But I just see it now, and the entirety of the episode just screams "let's get Buffy and Angel together even though they're mortal enemies so we can have weepy smoochies." Ugh.

Wait. Let me put that another way.


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