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March 26th, 2003

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2003.0326.2306::Having just watched the latest Buffy...
I've pretty much got nothing substantive to say about the episode, but I have to ask...

What the fuck was that?

Despite my role as the archivist, I've really gotten out of the habit of actually reading the things that the writers post on the Bronze--I mean, usually when I do, it's full of shout-outs and (self) congratulatory blurbs. So I'm not really up and up on the whole David Fury debacle that happened a while ago (last year?? two years ago??).

But it seems to me that a major point of this episode for Spike was not unlike Xander asking Vamp!Willow about his alter-ego in the Wishverse, and then saying "Oh yeah, I'm bad!" All the spells and lies and plotting is just Fury giving us edgy Spike.

Great. Spike's baaad. Whoop-de-do.

And who the hell was that talking to Wood in the basement and then Buffy in the cemetary? It certainly wasn't Giles...
Current Mood: [mood icon] cranky

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