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March 24th, 2003

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2003.0324.1248::Computer Hell
I picked up a 180GB harddrive friday night at CompUSA's six-hour anniversary sale for about $100 after rebate. Good deal, eh? Well, the rest of the weekend was spent trying to get it up and running.

The problem I discovered on Saturday was that the onboard floppy controller on my computer had decided to give out, so I was stuck all weekend trying to install an operating system on a machine which didn't know about the drive because it couldn't access the IDE controller card, because the controller drivers were on floppy only.


Amongst the various things I tried were:
  • Installing the floppy from my other computer into the one the drive was to go into. This is how I discovered the floppy controller failure.
  • Installing the drive on my other computer and trying to load the drive via that floppy. Unfortunately, that machine's BIOS doesn't allow bootable CD-ROMs, so I couldn't directly install Win2k from that computer.
  • Installing a basic OS on the drive to get the installer to recognize it. No deal.
  • Giving up and going to Newnan to play Spades, eat steak, and watch movies. Ahh... Newnan.
  • Installing the drive on the onboard IDE controller and loading the OS from there. This worked.

From there, I installed my old drives into the other computer (which has been sitting defunct for about 8 months).

Now I have two working systems, and I've just got to wait for the KVM switch to come in to use both. I suppose I could use VNC to access the other one, but I'm not sure how well it runs headless. I'll eventually get all the stuff on the other computer on to the big drive, and try to install linux and get the bronzearchives going there and off of the University of Florida network.

Like I mentioned, I went to Newnan Saturday night, and watched Blue Crush and One Hour Photo. Actually, I didn't really watch Blue Crush; I was far too absorbed in a card game--Runa and I played Spades against Amy and batnandu. That game stresses me out. At some point whenever I sit down to play Spades, I start shaking. Happens every time. It's maddening.

But hanging out in Newnan is such the good time.

For those of you who care, 10 things that turn me on (in no particular order):
  1. Reading to someone special
  2. Intelligence
  3. Erotica
  4. The sounds of lovemaking
  5. Colonel Angus
  6. The vertical dip down a woman's back where her muscles slope toward her spine
  7. Cute toes (yes, I have a minor foot fetish)
  8. The ear thing
  9. On a woman of darker complexion, a very light down of fair, soft hair on her skin.
  10. Geek Pride
If you don't care, don't click on the link.
Current Mood: [mood icon] hungry
Current Music: "Little Sister" Elvis Presley

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musesfool::2003.03.24.10:33 am
[User Picture]I *love* that icon.

Mmm... Xander...
thepeopleseason::2003.03.24.10:53 am
[User Picture]I figured you would... :)
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