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March 6th, 2003

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2003.0306.0047::Angel Musings.
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Was it just me or was the direction of this episode a bit lousy?

Aside from the few unnecessary slo-mo flips, of particular note was the small fight between Faith and Connor, where she dispatches him easily. The camera pretty much stayed at eye-level, showing us little-to-nothing of their scuffle. Granted, maybe the director was trying to keep the attention on their faces. Failure to either pan in for intensity or pan out for dynamics, however, just left us with the distraction of an extended shot of half of their hands duking it out. There's a similar prolem with Wes's fight with the two flunky-vamps.

An editing item: when Wes finally cuts off Lilah's head, why the need to flash to a shot of the axe coming down on her neck? The jump-cut cuts away maybe a frame or two later...just keep the camera on Wes and show his pained reaction.

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