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February 19th, 2003

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2003.0219.0148::People suck.
I'm never going in on group meals again.

Inevitably, someone wants to split the tab evenly when one of them has ordered fifteen gazillion beers when all you drank was water. Or you end up short because someone can't count, and you feel rotten for leaving the overly-generous server a 0.002 percent tip.

What happened tonight, however, is the cake-taker.

Someone ate my dinner.

Prior to our disastrous pool league match today, I asked Ollie if he was hungry at all. After some hashing back and forth about where to go, we finally settled on Pizza. I ordered two medium pizzas from Mellow Mushroom, and I picked up the tab on my credit card, totaling about 32 dollars.

Courtney, Ollie, and I sat down and had about a pie's worth of slices. Nandu said he might be interested in some, so I pooled the boxes and entrusted the leftovers to Heidi in the kitchen. I figured that Nandu would eat his share, and I could eat the rest for dinner Wednesday after work.

At some point during the match, I see Rob coming down with two slices of the pizza. He offers to pay for his share, so I don't mind so much.

At the end of the night, however, I ask Ollie for the box, and he says there's just one slice left. Apparently when Rob found the pizza, others helped themselves to the rest of the pie.

What the fuck? Ollie gave me ten dollars for his share, and I felt bad about asking Courtney for five additional. I gave Rob's two dollars back to Ollie--he and Courtney didn't eat half the fucking tab's worth of pizza; at most they ate a quarter of it, and they're still paying for almost half.

Which just leaves me to pay the other half.

So whoever the hell you are that ate my dinner for tonight, I hope to hell it gives you anal seepage.
Current Mood: [mood icon] annoyed

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khubli::2003.02.19.07:16 am
[User Picture]No anal seepage for me.... I had none of your delicious whatever was on it Pizza. My dinner last night consisted of a 32 oz smoothie from smoothie king which I did not finish. Ollie is a dirty rotten dumb bitch !!! haha (ref. pool match)
thepeopleseason::2003.02.19.07:33 am
[User Picture]Ollie is a dirty rotten dumb bitch !!! haha (ref. pool match)

You know, despite my captainage, I agree with you.

tiiguy::2003.02.20.11:22 am
[User Picture]Perhaps if I had none there was a tasty pizza i would have eaten some and then i could have chipped in. But alas I knew of no pizza so there was no pizza eaten by me. I think that night i actually had a hot ham and cheese from mellow mushroom and brought pretzels for whom ever wanted them to the bar. Perhaps that was why everyone thought they could partake of your pizza.
thepeopleseason::2003.02.20.11:44 am::Re:
[User Picture]You're a contributing-to-dinner-bogarting bastard!!


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